Coloring Halloween!

You are created on Earth for a purpose. It will be achieved even if you never know it! 😉
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This is a nice coloring book for students or others who are interested in drawing, coloring, or just imitating the shapes and the letters they see in the picture. As a teacher, you can also use it for the purpose of just developing the recognition skill in your students or keeping your young children busy while prep for your class.            

Furthermore, as a teacher for Special Ed (any age), it can fit in for a lot of purposes.

Maybe seniors/adults can use it too, in a capacity. You can get your eBook only for $19.99 to be sent to your email after donating through Paypal for homeless support. 

For any question pls text or call: (805) 225-4754

Until we chat again, it’s great to hear from you, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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