That’s it: Free TV for All!

You are brilliant readers! I knew it all the way! Welcome our dear friends and followers from the US, Slovenia, Kenya, Australia, Bangladesh, and Ireland 😉

World-wide, this is the subject of the hour: Free TV transmission. Undoubtedly, it should be available for everyone everywhere.

It’s everywhere but not in the US. There are numerous countries that provide free TV transmission in Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia.

May be they care more for their people, or they want to keep busy all the time with the TV shows. 🙄 However, the point is that people do not have to pay a penny in watching a TV show. Does this make sense to you?


Probably you would wonder why? The reason is Simply that all the commercials cover the cost and brings all the incredible returns to the provider. So why not here? Why not in the US? Are we less than other countries, or our medium-income and low-income people need more daily struggle with their own bills?!

It is something that is needed to be done and soon. It will be done. Eventually it has to be done. Instead of having the approval of the Congress on sending more troops here or there, this proposal needs to pass for good reasons, since it is provided free for the Congress members and of course the Presidential entourage. And who is paying for all of this? The People!

Of course, we all know that it is about money, and that it is always the lesser people who are paying for the big decisions which are taken on a daily basis by representatives, God knows if they really study their proposals before forwarding them or not.

Still, it’s not our subject here, our talk today is about having a free TV service for all people in this country. If you agree and it makes sense to you, talk about it. It is a good idea, and many businesses will in fact profit more from it.

Without any headache: no downloads, no sign-up, no bill; just a press of a button. That’s it!

Stay cool, stick to our topics, and find your new idea. Until then, here’s our kisses and hugs <3

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