Geniuses, like you, are known for being introverts, and can mostly accomplish their best work in solitude! 😉 Welcome back our dear friends from everywhere from the US, the UK, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, and Ireland 😉

For two days, I’ve been attending that special event in Washington DC. It was exciting, challenging, and informational.

We listened to a number of guest-speakers and had wonderful dinners, networking, Image result for Washington DCsocializing, and bonding with new people. I didn’t meet with any friend or acquaintance there, except there was a kind of surprise for me to see someone who knew me but I never recalled what he said.

That situation took place in the second day, in that luxurious hotel which hosted the whole event, when all of sudden during the cocktail time in the main hall area, a gentleman approached me saying: “Hello!”

At first I thought he was talking to the person behind me where I stood close to a counter. I turned around then back again to find him talking to me. I said: “Are you talking to me?”

He said: “Yes, you don’t recognize me, do you?” Of course, my answer was: “Sorry, I just meet too many people, and I’m from California, probably you’re mistaken, I’m not from DC.”

The guy’s face turned red blushing. I apologized again. He continued with a smirky smile: “Sophie! Right! Weren’t you at the Realtors’ Brunch held at … in CA…” I answered: “Yes, I think I attended that brunch; it was special invitation for being a member with…” 


“That day I saw you entering that restaurant, when all eyes turned to you, asking ‘who is she?'” “Really, hmm!”, I murmured.

He continued: “It wasn’t only that, but also there was something else that happened which made me remember you, and I will always remember you.” 

I was so embarrassed thinking if he was flirting with me, but at the same time,  thought probably he was a blogger, a writer, a teacher, a realtor. I was curious, and I wanted to know what he was talking about.

Then, he burst into laughter. “I knew it. You are a naturalist.” People started looking at us because I started laughing too. One of my qualities when someone laughs or yawns, I would start doing the same, none-stop!

“Ok. Ok. I gave up. Tell me what you’re talking about.”, I urged him to say more moving my hand in circles as if saying keep going.

He said: “That day I listened to two or three people who talked about real estate and bla bla bla but none of them left the impression I had that day from you.”

“I didn’t give any lecture or participated in any speaking, I remember that,” I unintentionally interrupted him. 

“Exactly, nevertheless, you were the most attention-grabber that I’ve ever seen,” he shook his head and raised his shoulders up and brought them down again.

m“Why”, I said in a quick pushing tone.

“You approached the coffee table, then you held the coffee pitcher then you put it down, you put back the cup on the table and started looking to the floor to the tablecloth to your clothing, to the floor, roaming everywhere, people started talking to you approaching you from everywhere in that place and when I asked someone what was going on, he said she was looking for one of  her  earrings; they’re very expensive ruby…now do you remember me?”

“Everyone in that brunch was kneeling down under the tables looking for your earring, and boy, you made my day that day.” He laughed even more than before.

And for me imagining the picture he drew in his mind made me see it, and continued laughing hilariously. He added nodding with his head: “The ladies were running looking under the chairs, lifting some up, while the guys were kneeling under the tables. Impossible!” “You nailed it that day, and without knowing it, didn’t you!”

“OMG! I never saw that. But I’m quite happy to see that that made you remember me. And thank you for having me aware of that huge impression I left on you. I hope it would continue to be that good forever.”

The gentleman kept talking and talking, coz that was the beginning of a good business relationship or may be a friendship.

Until we chat again, keep doing what you’re doing best, look in between our topics, getting your unique inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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