The People’s Power!

Friends and visitors, welcome to our pages. It’s nice to have you all with us today. Our special guests from the US, Mexico, Russia, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Philippines , & Colombia 😉

Have you already disliked Obama n his administration? But did u take a positive step instead of just throwing accusation here n there?

All over the world people pay corrupted individuals 2 rule them, not coz they like it but coz they feel helpless, defeated, n squeezed by storms of life.

But, hey, this is America guys the leader of freedom, as it is said, so how come  that you do not speak up? How can’t you be all together in one voice?

Do not underestimate your power. Less helpless people were able to stand up for their rights. It’d be a shame not to ask for a reform.

No one came to power n kept his promise, so you don’t believe them no more, but you prefer not to change, I understand why. Coz in Britain, they knew if the Queen is gone, there will be another gang, to suck their blood, so if the blood is sucked anyway, why to change. No jewelries except to the Queens 😕

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Let’s get our Question no. 24 in our 100 Questions competition:


Well! So sad to be a slave for media . Media plays everything in our lives. Media says the Queen is the best thing to happen to your country, or the President is the great leader for your lives. And we believe it, or we have to, with no resistance, no say!

There is still a lot to be said, but a bit by bit.

Let’s have a short break & come back again to chat more about a nice movie I’ve just watched. Here’s my hugs & kisses. sophieChannel



5 thoughts on “The People’s Power!

    1. Thank you James. Squeezed means to be firmly pressed (something soft or yielding), typically with one’s fingers, but it could be through other methods too.
      competition: contest, challenge among students to get a prize over a certain subject.
      administration: the process or activity of running a business, organization, etc.
      accusation: a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong. underestimate: undervalue. I hope this would help you. 🙂


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