1Zumba: Warning!

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My dear 1Zumba friend, it’s has been a perfect day. Some work, then enjoying ourselves celebrating everywhere. We hope that you have the chance to celebrate too.

Careful: Some free apps  Steal UR Data/Info.

If I glanced through your smartphone or tablet, I bet most of the apps you installed are free. We all love free apps.

Often, free apps have a privacy cost. When you install an app, you probably never read the app’s terms and conditions. You merely click “Agree.” In the terms and conditions, the app developer typically reveals what data you are voluntarily handing over to them such as your online activities, location, contact list, text messages, and more.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently analyzed the Google Play store’s top 100 apps operations, terms and conditions. They found the following 10 requested the most access to your smartphone or tablet’s hardware: Backgrounds HD Wallpaper, Brightest Flashlight, Dictionary.com, Google Maps, Horoscope, Mouse Trap, Pandora, Shazam, Talking Tom Virtual Pet.

This is quite terrifying when you read a headline saying “Android users installed 2 BILLION data-stealing, backdooring apps”,” What apps sell or steal your data or take over your phone?”, or “Apple Bans 100s Of iPhone Apps For Stealing Personal Data”.

Now people started to sue those companies. Why? Because people were hurt, having their info stolen from their phones, via those apps. Because people in good faith, agreed that a certain app would take control of managing their own personal info, never thought that their info would be sold, or stolen then sold to other parties.

Robot's hand breaking through wall and stealing money | Inok/E+/Getty ImagesWho should be held accountable for that theft? This is getting too serious of a matter, that you should act immediately if you were hurt in any way coz of stealing your info. Pls contact consumer protection department. Reach out to your local office. Make a fast complain, coz you’re gonna be compensated for everything that was stolen from you.

It’s very extremely serious matter. Billions of dollars are gonna be paid for people whose info was sold for other parties. Open your eyes widely, and talk about it. 

If you, yourself do not care for your own best interest, nobody else would!! 😛

Why should we care?

Powerful and profound cyberattacks are occurring on a daily basis. They range from traditional credit card data theft to complex compromises of personal health information, intellectual property, mission-critical patents, sensitive government information and much more. The attacks are becoming more severe and more creative, and the tools are becoming more sophisticated

How big is the problem?

We had a look at the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6, both updated to the latest version of their operating system, to find out just how much memory is being squandered on immovable apps.

It’s totally up to you. If you care for your safety and security, you do what you have to do. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself wide open to other unscrupulous thieves, who could eat you up to the bones with no mercy whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, it is not only the apps which steal your info, but even in the computer programs, your info is still at risk 😯

Let’s have our question for the day:

No. 34


Few days ago, I told my son that people nowadays need a hammer method, so they can pay attention to anything being said to them, coz of the overwhelming life they live, with all these kinds of distractions, which made it really hard for people to realize important matters. It is similar to when one has a strong light towards her eyes, she would become a blind (temporarily I mean).

So when we talk about the danger of Apps, pls pay attention, do not be distracted by less critical matters. Now, this term is mine: “Hammer Method”,  pls remember that. Haha!  
💡 💡

Andy, 1Zumba friend, we appreciate your comments, and we will respond to your suggestions very soon. Thank you.

Guys, time to say goodbye. Well, just for a little bit, then we will continue our chat. Take good care of yourselves, and be nice to each other ❤



3 thoughts on “1Zumba: Warning!

  1. I’m Derik
    I have three quiestion.
    No.1 Why do we have phone virous?
    No.2 What is the wain point a this post?
    No.3What makes my phone poisoning

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