Demonstrating anger and frustration, is a far-away reaction that you never need. Go back to your best point; use your compass. 😉 Hey new and old friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Netherlands, the UK, Thailand, Egypt, Poland, India, South Africa, Croatia, Argentina, Kenya, Hungary, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Honduras, Iraq, Mexico, Philippines, Bulgaria, Oman, Peru, and China! 😉

Is there plenty to be said?

As usual, do you have any doubts? All you need is just to get it right.

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“I admire him but i can’t be him”, the speaker said.

In a meeting last night, she said:
“Chaos comes with consequences. We need to know where we’re heading to because it’s scary to march blindfolded.”

He answered: “I agree but how would you control some who insist on defiance”. “May be through dialogue, that would suck up all the anger and the challenge that come with it,” she replied.

“To be good among not-good is harsh and mostly ending in favor of evil,” a third one got excited declared that.

“Although many things seem to be calm, pending issues turn people into madness, you need to address those issues or else it would boil up onto your face.”

Good people are exhausted defending themselves. there should be some degree of courtesy and a room for negotiation.Shop Few Moda

50% Off Select Filtration SystemsC: What happens if you like writing, but writing didn’t like you?
D: What do you mean?

Patella said that she tried writing, but it seemed to her that writing was resisting her talent. It’s quite interesting viewpoint but that was how she felt when she tried to write.

It’s similar to a basketball player, who loves playing basketball, but every time he tried to be a professional, his demo went wrong, he became anxious, he couldn’t get the ball into the hole.

Yes, it happens.

There is always a solution, as I used to say to my kids, when I found them about to give up on something important to them.

There are plenty of tips for beginners in writing, or bad-luck writers-to-be. Here’s a bunch:
Write about anything.
– Write for yourself.
– Tell what you see the way you see it.
– don’t be a defeatist accepting failure easily.

– Read what you write out loud. Modo Bath

– Read for others.
– Watch old movies, get yourself acquainted with culture.
– Act like a sponge, suck any new vocab, get rich in vocab.
– Be spontaneous. Catch any writing idea comes to you.
– Pay attention to which mood that brings you the generosity of writing.
– Dare to ask someone to read any piece that you write.
– Engage in conversations that would inspire you.

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Until we chat again, do what you really want to do, and enjoy it to the very end, with our hugs and kisses ❤Qatar Airways

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