What will you say? Manipulation is your enemy for you’d lose their trust! 😉 Thanks for having us part of your valuable lifetime, dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, China, Germany, Ireland, India, Philippines, South Africa, the UK, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, Pakistan, Nicaragua, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Indonesia! 😉

Does killing embody unmanliness?

Recently asking questions makes no sense. Why?

          Qatar AirwaysCashmere in LoveBecause you can’t get an honest answer. Everything around you is so manipulated to an extent that makes you no longer capable of knowing whether it’s truthful or that it’s a programmed answer.

Using the word “invasion” for what’s going on with you is the least that can be said. The invasion for your mind could have been reached its max. Regretfully, it seems that there is no way to stop, unless you believe that miracles still exist.

Nunn BushRecently and obviously, there’s that ongoing trend for seeking more, which is dangerous route!

Many of you, people, don’t want more, you just want a modest share of what your land or what your country has. Many of you are not greedy; you just want to live in peace and enjoy what you have, no matter how little it is, you’re happy with it

But even that much, you’re deprived of having it. Somehow, somewhere someone wants to own you: your mind, your earnings, your past, your future, EVERTHING

You only pursue your peace of mind. Many of you would appreciate living among your family members, enjoying a piece of bread, but still, this is too much to ask. Even enjoyment has to be on their terms: Netflix or nothing. Millions of people have to watch Netflix on a daily basis, can you imagine this?

It’s like a punishment for your rarely-created mind and your unique being, but the reason is simple, you can’t afford a cable, and that’s because all the revenue that comes to your state goes towards “War”. War and getting your army and your Air-Force ready is what’s taking most of your money.50% Off Select Filtration SystemsWhy can’t you be without an army similar to Japan. Look at other countries with higher per capita income than you; such as Australia and Canada. Enjoy building up your own infrastructure!

It’s so obvious. Someone wants your money, your everything. Greed! For that, you’re dragged into War! Unmanly killing!

Your only defense strategy is going back to being united together in refusing “War”, condemning sending your kids to be killed.

Instead of being driven towards fake problems, while depleting your generous resources, stand up to deny wars. People do not want any more war!

People love people, people will not be driven by many of the false rumors to dislike each other. The only solution to earn more and to enjoy life and to get in control of your own life is to be united.
Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

All people together. When people are united, they are stronger. They can say “NO” to wars/violence that are depleting all the resources they have. Because this is exactly what’s happening.

The highest spending on war tools to will bring a higher debt and more suffering.

Enough, it has to be stopped, and you have to enjoy at least some part of your life. It’s one life, waste it not. Definitely “No for War”.

Your only gains of life is enjoying it!

Until we chat again, unite and care for each other; stay away of divide-and-conquer policy, stand together and check on your inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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