Find People!

We miss you, where are you? Keep going!  It’s all there, just feel your steps while you’re getting into the path of time 😉 Thanks and welcome dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Slovakia, and France 😉

Look young man & young lady! It’s holidays’ time and you’ve got to try to make other unfortunate people’s life a bit comforting.

It takes simple things to do. If you can’t do it for the whole year that is fine (although it is not), but at least during this time of the year, during a holiday that people try to enjoy and to have a truce from bad deeds and life problems, pls try to be decent to others. Try to save others the trouble they may go through for trivial reasons. 😆

You’d have many suggestions here that we collected from our team members as well as from teachers  and other websites .

Let’s start with yourself:
. Take good care of yourself, because it wouldn’t make any sense if you care for others while you don’t care for yourself first. If there is no yourself, there will be no care for others from yourself.

. Hold  your tongue. Speak only after you think logically. Train yourself coz some people can get offended easily. While you’re standing in the post office line you tend to chat with others around you. Be careful not to judge or say any comment without thinking of others. You don’t want to hurt others’ feelings.

. Be a source of pleasure, fun, cheerfulness. Life is too short and when you enjoy it, others would enjoy being around you. You’d see that when others invite you to attend their occasions. If they don’t try to work on your unpleasant traits that keep people away from you.Sophie NY

. Be grateful and see the good things in others. It’s nice to compliment your neighbor saying “What a nice scarf you have, where did you get it?” small chit-chat is great to break the barriers even if you didn’t get the expected response from the first time it is still ok. For some people, it takes them forever to become your friends. You might be one of these people who do not trust others easily in a world that is full of …..the unexpected.

. Be generous with yourself and with others. Eat well, sleep well, entertain yourself well. Be generous doesn’t mean that you need to spend more, it rather means that give each thread of your life its time in order to enjoy it more. Of course it is your duty to take care of your kids or your family; however, when you act out of love not out of duty, it would feel super great, because you mainly enjoy what you’re doing.

. Practice good habits: smile at others (you don’t have to act like a clown though) just be moderate, greet others even if they didn’t answer your greetings the first time, they will get used to acknowledge your greetings, offer your help for those who need it, even if they decline it, it is not a big deal, you did the right thing.SophieHolidayDecoration

. Be a good listener, our culture encourage us to talk and be talkative that is fine, but you need to listen to others too, it is not only about you, it is also about others and making them happy, even if it was for a short period of time. When someone is talking to you, do not interrupt and do not leave before they are completely done, or excuse yourself politely if you were in hurry.

. Avoid having others accumulating grudges against you. Dislike starts by having such tiny situations where they get accumulated over the years. Talk about it and explain the unintentional tension that you caused until the person is smiling back at you again. Just bring it up in a joking way.

Where do you go from here? You go right away to our joyous topics to smile, to live our stories with our hugs and kisses

. Ways to make others’ life easier.


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