This Goes For Both!

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BerrylookWe opened a sensitive family subject, two days ago, for which we had many reactions; some wanted to know more, while others asked what to do if that happened.

When I said parents sometimes can be mean to their kids, or vice versa, kids could be mean to their parents. This could happen under certain circumstances. Life is full of problems or issues that we try to solve on a daily basis. It is natural at some point that we cannot handle one or more of these pressures. We are human beings, so we have limits.

The same could happen to our kids whether they are young or adults. They can get stressed for their school’s demands or they can have many other reasons to feel frustrated and acted mean towards you. Try your best to give a chance for the other person to explain her/his situation. If you felt hurt, why not to say it, and see if it was meant in the way you assumed. 😛

A mother once told me that her daughter got her clothes out of the washing machine, and put her own stuff in, coz she was in a hurry, and that the mother didn’t like her doing that. She reprimanded her, however, the daughter answered rudely that she was the one who was paying for electricity.

The mom was hurt. It was a trivial thing to happen, but the mother was apparently so sensitive for the daughter was helping her financially, and she didn’t expect to hear that from her. In the meantime, the mother said that her daughter never uttered such a thing one single time to her, the whole time she was helping her. It only happened once, but that once hurt her a lot.

I think, I can see why the mother felt that the daughter was mean to her, but she should have given her a chance to know why she reacted like that; probably she was facing a bigger problem in her life than just a stupid laundry  argument.


WorthyA son once mentioned to me, while his eyes were full of tears, that his dad  insisted that the son clean everything in the kitchen, the dishes, the counters, the stove, the microwave, the floor, while he knew that his son wanted to attend a game that was so important to him, with his friends. He felt that his dad was so mean to him at that point, and that he wanted to do anything to prevent him from having fun with his school-mates.

Well! Sure, he was mean, and I am sorry to hear that, but it is always unintentional. The father or the mother have  abundant love to their kids. For some reason, they can be nasty and unbearable, but they do not intentionally do that.

Whatever excuse they have to justify their deeds, whether the parents or the children, there is some scars that took place at one point, and it will stay there forever, unless it was cleared out immediately.

If you really care for the relationship with your children, or with your parents, make sure that once there was a misunderstanding, clear it up as soon as possible, coz the sooner the better. If you neglected, you would live with it for the rest of your life no matter how trivial it was.

Qatar Airways Lovely WholesaleThe parents, especially when they get old, they need attention, like the little kids. They want their kids to take care of them. They expect that, and they have in the back of their minds that it is the duty of their adult kids to take good care of them, the way they themselves did when they were just little bodies.

They will forgive you, but the unpleasant memory would stay there as long as they live, and this goes for both kids & parents.

Until we talk some more, pls leave your comments, and send your questions, and we would get back to you ASAP.

With our hugs and kisses, stay cool and hang around our pages some more Worthy

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