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After having a wide research, and after getting many inquiries about how to be a trainer or an instructor in physical fitness. Also, after we consulted with our legal department, we found out this amazing fact: legally-speaking, one doesn’t need to be certified in order to be able to coach, or train a group of people. It’s all just a BIG fat lie!

For those who just follow the crowds, innocently, but they don’t know, it is a pure myth!

There has been a real misunderstanding when it comes to the idea of getting qualified for training, or being a coach in any physical activity, not only in the States, but worldwide. Many players coach or train kids without even any references, so whoever came with that idea was only after making some money.

The misconception is that nothing  by law, necessitates having a certain certificate in order to get a job in the fitness field. It’s all an illusion. No law requires that you need to fulfill certain criteria in order to get a job in the fitness field, whether to be a fitness dancing trainer,  a football coach, or a volleyball instructor. It’s all imaginary scenario, not by law.

As a matter of fact, anyone who is physically fit to practise any certain routine, or invent one, s/he can freely do it, without any obstacle. It is preferred to have a knowledge of how or when to perform a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

The CPR classes are offered in my city free of charge. You can just attend a one-hour class, and get your certificate. It’s that simple. This is our first element in  our program, since it would be useful for you to know how to deal with any of your students feeling sick or unable to breathe, unable to continue your routine for any sudden health reasons. You would know how to handle the situation professionally, without hesitation. So here’s your FREE CPR training.

Image result for cprThe media keeps repeating lies, and you believe it, because you want to have this job so badly, and it is all wrong info, my dear 1Zumba friends. All respected universities recently offer online free learning for all branches of learning, because the truth is, not everyone is made for every subject in our world. Someone is interested in electricity, another is interested in medicine, a third finds herself in communication, and so forth.

Respect people’s minds please, and let them learn. Do not endure them with burdens, coz life has already given them enough.

It’s just a myth, that you need to pay $ 500, $ 600, or $ 700 to get certified in any fitness practice. You can check on the law yourself if you have doubts. There are certain people or entities who fight this because they make a LOT of money. They build their entire business on a fraud idea, on deceiving people. In order to protect themselves, they would put in very fine prints (You cannot read coz it is so so small), that it is not required by law, but it is recommended to have it. Simply they sell you an illusion! You buy it coz you don’t know!

When we found out about all these illegalities, we decided to help people. We came up with a simple program, you can do it all yourself. Similar to e-book principle. You can read it whenever you want. No pressure, no hassle!

They do not want you to know that you are NOT required to pay anything as long as you’d print your certificate yourself!  Are you serious?  Yes, my 1Zumba friends I am.


You would find the details of our program on YouTube, under our name – Certificate Fitness  Program, and there is a link provided on the sidebar of our site. Follow up & click on that link, and if you have any question, pls email, or any of our other email links. It includes 3 simple steps: watch video, practise your chosen fitness line, test your abilities. All is good? Passed, print your certificate. You want an original certificate with the seal, send us your request, and we will mail it to you, wherever you are 🙂

Stay away from brain washing, do not follow  media promotions or propaganda blindly!, without thinking it over. Be alert for the fact of that “They do not want you to know”! Billions or zillions  are involved inhere. So they don’t mind killing you with all these burdens, as long as, they live in luxury, not you! 

Life is simple, why should we complicate it for people who only want to earn a decent living via some physical exercise. Why the greed? It’s not a good business if it is built up on sucking people’s blood!

The bottom line is that learning should be free, so are many other things in our lives, but people are mislead all the time. It’s a worldwide new age, the internet age 🙂

Love you all guys, and talk to you  soon. Until then, enjoy your 1Zumba Fitness Certificate with our love. Here’s my kisses, and live your beautiful life

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