Alexa, 1Zumba!

Thank you for being with us today.

Thank you our friends and visitors from the US, n Vietnam 😉

Dear 1Zumba friends, we have a great interview with a special lady from Mexico, who is a 1Zumba friend and a member in our FB Group, 1ZumbaCircles, who happened to be very active in our group.

Probably, we should get our competition question first, then, have our interview. So here is the question  No. 40 from our a 100 Questions competition:


Now, it’s time to have our nice interview with Alexa Perez, our special friend & follower for 🙂

How would you introduce yourself?

In what sense?

You You will introduce yourself as a trainer, a musician, a teacher, a housewife, anything you do.


Good, what is your favorite color? Where do you live?

Mexico State municipality of Ixtapaluca

Are you sociable? Do you like people and to be around them?

If I like living with people

What do you like to see? What is your dream?

To go to Paris

Do you mean that you like to live in Paris, or do you want to visit Paris?

For photos etc video made me beautiful so I want to know that country

-What kind of food do you like to eat more than any other? Why?

I love the guacamole with chicken breast 😁

– Do you have a lot of friends? Why?
I have many friends but I have are very special

– What kind of TV shows do you watch? Why?
TV Crime and science fiction more than anything

  • Do you have any friends in this group? Who will you suggest for having an interview with us?

I not in the group have no friends.

  • Have you ever traveled outside of Mexico?

No outside Mexico

No my country is beautiful many nice places and I would not leave
Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
Will you be willing to live in another country?

  • Would you like to learn English? And get an honor certificate like other members?

Yes, For if I learn well if

Great, let’s finish our interview first, then I’ll let you know how to get your certificate.

  • Our last question is what is your future plans in general?

Live comfortably and happy
– How are you going to achieve that?
Keep working hard
– Do you work?
Care patients
– Which pictures you like to use in your post?
I do not need pictures to my post.
– Have you seen our website?

When you click the articles that appear on Facebook, it will take you to our website.
Then, click on SuperStars to see how your article will look like. We will take photos from your profile to be published. Just confirming. Thank you.
Now the interview is finished. It will be in English. As for the certificate you asked about 😀

It’s only in 3 steps:
– Be active in our group which you are doing now.
– Have an interview, which we are in our way to do.
– Add friends to our group, as many as you can.

These are the three steps required, from you to have our first honor certificate.

That was the lovely interview we had with Alexa Perez. We thank her for participation in our 7000 Superstar interviews, and we invite all of you to email us, if you wish to talk about yourself for our readers and followers.

Our love and kisses for all of you ❤




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