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Do you wish that everything around you to be rosy and flowery? Patty said it was hard to have that dream and to keep being slammed or slapped on the face a time after another, having ridiculous job duties that are totally irrelevant to the job you applied for.

Kateaspen.comTerry added that when she applied to one of the retail stores in the Bay Area, she was asked to have a training as a supervisor and a key-holder, and that she was told that within three months she would be next to the store manager, working as her assistant.j3

But the first task she was asked to do was to clean up the bathrooms, and when she asked about where the janitors were, she was told that there were no janitors any more, and that part of her job was going to be cleaning, mopping the floor, dusting the merchandise.  At once she

What do you think? Good for her! 🙄 Maria said it was unethical to deceive everyone who was applying for a job by attaching the phrase “and any additional assignments” in their ads which was meant to be the janitorial work. What a deviant thinking!

Make your special day sparkle with elegant sophistication.Send your guests home with favors that are tasteful and practical. They will forever remember your wedding thanks to these beautifully designed styles.Tess commented whether the job was a manager or an employee, the employer should declare openly that janitorial work would be included; other than that it should go under “the Trickery Law”.

It makes sense. This should stop. People are smart and there are individuals who would like to do the cleaning job, so why do employers need to be so ambiguous about it? 
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Stay optimistic!

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May be a janitor’s pay is higher than the manager’s pay, is it?

It’s a weird phenomenon and it needs to be addresses ASAP!

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