Fear Free!

In your heart, you seek relaxation and peace! 😉 Is this the only way to enjoy anything around you? Perhaps, just having peace of mind will let you enjoy things more. Do you think it is true? Being free of burdens or responsibilities, could it really make you happier and more friendly? Take a deep … More Fear Free!

Nails 2023!

The best will come to you, trust your Creator! 😉 Nails are very important for you, but especially for ladies who appear in Media. Standing in front of a camera has been a good reason for taking good care of your nails. You might say that this is a personal matter. Sure, it is but … More Nails 2023!

Only 4-Days Work-Week!

Who will ever unwelcome a 4-day workweek? A revolutionary reaction from every state in the US. The huge story that interests everyone and every family has become a prevailing talk among people. Think about it, the majority are employees and most of them live under harsh living conditions (not including the Federal or the State … More Only 4-Days Work-Week!

February 2023!

Dearest friends, here is your second monthly calendar in the year 2023! Enjoy 😉 Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤


Dear Subscribers/Followers, Our apologies for not receiving your daily post (for two consecutive days). We are told by WordPress Engineers Team that there has been some issues with posts received by you. Pls be patient until the team can solve this. We know that this is for some of you with a limited time to … More Apology!


There is a good taste and a poor taste! 😉 Do you feel similar to the majority when it comes to taste? Taste in general. For example, liking a photo that too many other people like, or a game that you like to watch and many others like to do the same. Macy’s commercials or … More Macy’s!


Day after day, podcast gradually enjoys larger space in the Media world. Lately, it is clearly shown that some podcasts are extraordinary outstanding. Breathe some fresh air with this one. Something hilarious you rarely hear. Not sure if she prepared for that act or if it really happened to her. You heard her story here: … More Podcast!

Health Trivia³?!

Your parents are your first line of defense! 😉 Your today’s health trivia is related to your handwashing. It claims that electric hand-dryers are more healthy. What?!  Unfortunately, this is false. Who is the victim? You. Take a good look at these pictures and see how deceived you are. Some are laughing. Yes, of course … More Health Trivia³?!

Health Trivia²?!

Your parents are your first defense line! 😉 One of your body trivia is about your ears. It says that your ears keep growing with age. Although it is true that your ears and nose when you are a child grow with you but not forever, only until puberty.  Of course, what you need to … More Health Trivia²?!

Health Trivia?!

Being rich is never a guarantee for having cheerfulness in your life! 😉 Your body is just the most fabulous creation in your whole world. There some trivia from time to time about it, but many times it is missing the right explanatio for the why. One of these trivia is about the amount that … More Health Trivia?!

Do it Right!

You wok hard but you need to clearly aim at your goals! 😉 “Why is it all inappropriate handling, these are people not lost pets?” “Do you understand how enormous this is?” “Yes, of course by now everyone must have heard about it” “Really? Then why nothing happened in years to protect these people?” “It … More Do it Right!

Baldwin (Cont.)!

You try your best but sometimes others are unaware of their limitation! 😉 “Did you do this?” “No, it wasn’t me. It was the one who put the bullets inside that gun.” “But you were the one who fired that gun, you didn’t even care to look at the bullets to make sure that they … More Baldwin (Cont.)!


Claiming civilization should be shown by action! 😉 How can you believe that this or that group burned your holy book? Be patient and get to the bottom of the matter. If they did, what does this prove? some will say: “it will prove uncivilization, extremism, delusional act, ignorance, or any other.” Nonesense, the important … More Peace-of-Mind!

Hose Down!

It is unhuman unethical to act scornfully towards helpless homeless people! 😉 While “Hose Down” viral video was a surprise for many folks, it remains that: who will take a serious action against this guy? Who will do this and hopefully post the authorities action online to show this person or others that this action … More Hose Down!

Miss You Jazmin!

Memories are kept by you forever even if you unwelcome them! 😉   Our most beloved one. We Miss you. We miss your smile. We miss your voice. We miss your talk. We miss it all. It’s not only the beauty in your face, but also the light in your spirit. We miss you. Each time … More Miss You Jazmin!

New Years’ Wonders!

You should be here with us even for a little bit! 😉 From New York, this lovely live: Worldwide celebrations for the New Year! Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new year, with our hugs and kisses ❤

January 2023!

Dearest friends, here is your first monthly calendar in the year 2023! Enjoy 😉 Until we chat again, accept our best wishes for your new month, with our hugs and kisses ❤


You are a hero to live and to manage this life! 😉 What will you do when in the middle for preparing for a new happy year, you receive a message to your phone threatening to harm your child? Isn’t that crazy? You thought maybe it was an error, and you waited to see what … More Crazy!

2023 HNY!

When you appreciate what you have, you’ll feel better! 😉 We wish you all having a good time celebrating a new fruitful healthy year. We wish you all having fun and having most of the things you wish to have. Thus, “HNY” for Happy New Year 🙂 Here’s your new calendar for the year 2023: … More 2023 HNY!

New Year Soon!

Sometimes patience pay you back; other times, it is just waste of time. Only four more days and a new year will start, but it  feels different from every year. Why? UNtil we chat again, catch up with what you missed with our hugs and kisses ❤ Thank you for spending time with us all … More New Year Soon!

Glass Onion!

Be here soon with all of us! 😉   Some said that the movie is symbolic, and others said no it is the same written story. It is hard to know until you watch it. Its idea is new but old for the fight between the good and the bad has always been there for a … More Glass Onion!


Focus on your outcome,  its process will be correctly carried out! 😉    Something has happened that made you thought that the interpretation of words could be wrongfully presented another meaning in some instances. The reader has his own ideas and bias and this is the case with everybody else; mistakenly, there is a good … More Misinterpretation!

Christmas Eve!

Building a strong base will serve your project ! 😉    “You are our best friend, we like to see you everyday,” that is said by everyone in our team, with the Christmas Eve and the season’s songs. Wishing you all the best Christmas ever. You love seeing the children enjoying their gifts and singing … More Christmas Eve!

Better Positive!

It’s your own but it could hurt you! 😉    You were there and others were there too watching and listening to the trash that a kid use addressing his elderly parent. What’s new? People are acting weird everywhere. They can’t stand each other. Bad and negative vibes, right? Better to stay away from negativity. … More Better Positive!


Find the best in others! 😉    Sometimes you feel surprised for specific changes to happen in your community all of a sudden. Oakland’s historic Old Parkway Theater, located at 1834 Park Boulevard, was built in 1925, and the lobby now serves as a marijuana dispensary called Ivy Hill Cannabis. Over a decade ago, the … More Evolution!

Cirque Du Soleil!

You are great friends, try to enjoy your holidays! 😉    Probably you’ve already watched them before but they never stop from surprising everyone. They have a very special gift in performing these impressive shows. Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company and the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. Located in the … More Cirque Du Soleil!

Only 10 Days!

Never promise except what you can do! 😉 It is only ten days and it is your new year. Very soon! Sooner than what you can imagine. It is running too fast this time more than any other year. We wish all of you having a good time. We wish you all having fun and … More Only 10 Days!


The magic is in your smile! 😉   Are you feeling happy or unhappy? Are you feeling lonely? We all do at one point or the other, but be smart and don’t let it clouding all the nice things in life around you. First, for this year 2022, we pray for you to heal if your … More Car-Rentals!


Decisions which involve emtions are terribly hard to be decided! 😉 Are you the one who takes a quick profound decision without consulting it with your wise person? Or, are you the one who is torn apart between two of your beloved ones? Maybe you are a nice lady with a tender heart, and it … More Decisions³!

George & Tammy²!

Welcome back to your posts! 😉   For this weekend, it is recommended for you to watch the 2nd episode from “George & Tammy“. It is really good acting that would let you live the story. It will take your head away from all thoughts. Four more episodes and that’s it. Jessica Chastain is quite talented … More George & Tammy²!

Invited to Talk!

Feeling that you are loved, cared for, and appreciated is just great! 😉   You were asked “Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech? This question took you to the past, and as you know the past has its ups and downs. At first, you remembered while invited to attend be an opening … More Invited to Talk!