Mistake or Trust?

Great to care for each other, and to love one another! Dearest readers and friends, we greatly appreciate  your interest in our pages; the US, Philippines, Ireland, India, n Mexico, enjoy our posts 😉

Nina and Peter sent a message expressing their fear of the money worries  they have. Image result for money problemsOf course it can have a big impact on their general well-beings, which can sometimes make it even harder to take positive steps.

There is a large number of mental health cases in the US, the main reason for them was Image result for money problemshaving stress and anxiety due to debts and financial problems. Unfortunately, young people are mentally affected to; therefore, solutions are urgently needed.

There has been many sources for an advice online; however, the best one we came through was to know yourself better and to deal with yourself very sensitively as if you’re dealing with someone else you care for, and to talk about these issues with someone you totally trust. 

That person does not have to be a financial consultant or anything of that sort, just someone you TRUST. I like it a lot, coz I admire this word “Trust”, and I believe that if “Trust” exists people will be so prosperous more than they can ever imagine.

In addition to this, I would say that prevention is better than waiting until the problems happened and became huge burden to be solved. Raising awareness among people in how to use their credit cards, or other financial tools will be of great help to many innocent people. Their only mistake is that they TRUSTED our banks or financial institutions. 🙄

Thank you for being here, and we’ll talk soon. Hugs & kisses for everyone ❤

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