Aquarium Adventures²!

Sometimes angels help you! 😉 Aquarium is certainly a place for all ages. You can enjoy it even if you were a baby 🙂 ² Your friend from Monterey said that he lived in that city just to be close from the aquarium. That much he likes it. No wonder in that. It’s a sanctuary … More Aquarium Adventures²!

Aquarium Adventures!

Sometimes angels help you! 😉 Really? Yes, it is the least you can do for yourself, your body, your mood, and your life. You need to empty all the visionary and emotionally accumulation you have from hard work. n this current world, individuals need to endure all over, in work, seeing someone, and even at … More Aquarium Adventures!


You are rich and yet you like to get gifts! 😉 Could submarines go to the bottom of the river or the sea? So far, your sources say that there is a limit for the under-water distance a submarine can go. Then how about Drones? They also can go deep in the sea to a … More Submarines!

Winter Adventures!

Assumptions are the base for weak relationship! 😉 Welcome to Santa Fe, NM. A pretty different city in a good way. “They like to do things the way they like, not just following the crowd”, Christopher said. Your friend made a trip to New Mexico in order to explore the weather and the living there. … More Winter Adventures!

Zoo Trip & Movie!

You need to stand on the right foot! 😉 In wintertime, it is better to visit warm areas. Why? In order to avoid snow problems such as plane cancellation or roads blockage. One of the nice places to visit in Winter is San Diego Zoo. If you took your family for a weekend visit, you … More Zoo Trip & Movie!


Having a mother is a bless! 😉 Great conversation! Welcome back nice friends from the US, the UK, India, China, New Zealand, Nigeria, Japan, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Italy, Malaysia, and al! 😉 This post is about a story you’ve probably watched on TV or YouTube which was incredibly cruel and absolutely criminal. But this phenomenon … More Alarming!

Get Ready!

Get ready for your new adventure! It’s enjoyable opening doors for you! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, India, Canada, the UK, Hungary, and Portugal. It’s motivating to see this group of young girls dancing in a very agile way. You’d love to see yourself having the same kind of fitness, right? … More Get Ready!

The Academy!

Heading North or West is never the point, what matters is whether your goals were wangled or ….. 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from the US, India, Australia, and Germany! 😉 Your world is full of excitement and learning combined, so why would you waste a chance like this? Get there if you … More The Academy!


Hello everyone! Welcome to your pages friends from the US, Canada, India, the UK, Belgium, Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt 😉 Students may think that doing drugs would relieve them of problems. They may think that it is a solution while in fact it is the beginning of a major problem. Seeing things the right way … More Drugs!

Mistake or Trust?

Great to care for each other, and to love one another! Dearest readers and friends, we greatly appreciate  your interest in our pages; the US, Philippines, Ireland, India, n Mexico, enjoy our posts 😉 Nina and Peter sent a message expressing their fear of the money worries  they have. Of course it can have a … More Mistake or Trust?