43 Students & a Movie!

You are on the right track, but you need to keep your spot on the top! 😉

Episodes Archive - RevealIt is heartbreaking, but you need to know about it. It has been long seven years since 43 young students were taken by police and nobody knows until this moment if they were dead or alive.

The story took place in Mexico and the victims were all Mexican students whose families lived a trauma with no answer for their questions until now.

It has been over seven years since 43 students from the  Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College in Guerrero, Mexico, were taken by armed men in the middle of the night. They were never seen again. 

Neither you nor we could imagine how those families survived but you can hear it here if you like to know more about it.

The other part of your post today is about the last movie recommended “Don’t Look Up“. It is a family movie but full of politics. It is “R” meaning some scenes are not for children.

Don't Look Up' director is making a movie about the Capitol riotYou might think that there was exaggeration here and there but what you see is unique from everyone else. Everyone is uniquely sorting out and processing all info included in that movie.

Leonardo De Caprio proved to be aging earlier than expected”, some commented. As entertainment, you would feel a repetition just for the sake of filling up the time of the movie.

Until we chat again, life is full of nice things, grab some before it is too late, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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