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“Life is simple but you insist on making it complicated” is this true?

Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated– this quote by Confucius really got me thinking. If you would’ve asked me about this before, my answer probably would’ve been that those who say it is simple are fools because how can life be anything but a mess, the source of anxiety and complications. more

For these 5 reasons:
Feeding the drama of others; basing your happiness on others’ happiness; trying to control everything in your life; obsessed to focus on the complexity of life rather than its simplicity.

Certainly, there is a way of simplifying things in your life, but the majority has the tendency to complicate it to compensate for other elements in their lives. It is not too complicated to simplify.

Simple is complex:
Let’s take this example: You are a teacher, and you choose to read “Hamlet” for your class although your students have just promoted from the fourth grade. Why? Why do you insist on reading two chapters of a book that you know your students will not enjoy or even understand some of its complicated concepts? Make it simple.

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