Your Life Matters!

Quickly shut doors of doubts! 😉 Dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, France, India, Oman, Belgium, South Korea, Ireland, Italy, Bahamas, Colombia, Singapore, Denmark, South Africa, Poland, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Qatar, Japan, and Hungary! 😉

Dear Friends,

Your life is as good as any other life. Whoever says otherwise is wrong. The Creator made you equal so no human is going to tell you otherwise.

A small gathering talk was a bit healing:

Troy said: “Some people seem as if they stop thinking, they just go on repeating slogans and that’s it. Others are forced to repeat these words living in black communities and scared of consequences if they disagree.”

Carlos added: “Some are passionate and impulsive for their young age with no experience.”

Your life matters no matter what color you are. Let no one underestimate your mind.SophieUrLifeMatters

Mary with emotions interrupted saying something new: “Defund request followed the unrest while the right defund should be for those who caused the destruction of many small businesses. All governors who encouraged the chaos in their states should have their paychecks put toward the re-building of all losses. Governors like that should be defunded.”

Consider all scenarios and discourage altered clips or videos. Some are covering the truth.

Until we chat again, encourage building and start with your own family with our hugs and kisses


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