Your Police Opportunity!

Should you double or triple? 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Malaysia, Moldova, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, Australia, the UK, Canada, and South Africa! 😉

The “police” is a word comes from “Policy”. Their goal is to protect your peace and your possessions internally and externally. This is their job. Would you like to join the force?

A link is provided by the end of the post.

War between the left wing profiteers and the right wing representing the real People is what’s going on. 

Gangs are adding to the problem since they don’t want police around, and some try to accommodate that for them.

How many gangs are you talking about? Here’s some published data:

Emily Boerger October 30, 2017. Washington State has a gang problem. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, as of 2010 there are approximately 300 active street gangs in Washington State and around 15,000 active gang members. The city of Spokane alone has around 200 known gangs.

Good Media should expose other bad media which use fake old recorded marches by Dem activists in return of money n other privileges

SophiePoliceThe number of  verified violent gang crimes in many Dems cities has significantly jumped up in the last few weeks.

How many gangs are there in the US?

Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs are criminally active in the U.S. today.

OMG! It’s an incredible number. How could the police handle all of that?  The number is humongous.

It’s trembling just to think of that number almost unbelievable.

What is the most dangerous state in the US

The analysis ranked Alaska as the number one most dangerous state in America, with 885 incidents of violent crimes for every 100,000 people. 
Would these numbers let you think of how on Earth citizens can live without police? Of course unless they themselves are gangsters.

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*Link for applications.


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