Happened in Apt.4C??!

Wow! Your hair will be standing on its ends when you read what had happened in that rich people’s apartment! 😉  Welcome back readers and friends from the US, the UK, Thailand, Philippines, and India! 😉

It’s horrifying and it’s catastrophic to hear that that could easily happen and pass as if nothing had happened.Geekstore
A family lived a nightmare for more than two years just to figure out what had happened to their son. That young man (26 yrs old) with incredible good qualities was wasted just for the sake of an occasional argument, what would you say?

What would you say except that it’s horrifying to have such an incident in our society.

Cashmere in Love

That was the first news from the CBS I heard yesterday. The whole story was disgusting, but I kept asking myself: how could that happened that easily?

Didn’t the killers have hearts or minds?
An argument could be escalated to a murder?
A nice young man could be gone by his own friends in one moment?

The details are staggering, and the more you read about it, the more questions, you’d get in your mind.Joey C - NY Crime

There’re parts that didn’t make any sense. Why after being knocked down, they decided to stab him? Why to burn his body?

The only conclusion that you’d come up to is that the combination of:

Money + Drugs + Disagreement/Jealousy/Malice = Crime

Mansen said: “If you had a lot of money and investing into your kids, raise in them how to choose good friends, how to love and care for others, and how to avoid any shady situation where there is drugs, bad company, sex, or all.”Coltorti BoutiqueThe details of the story and what had happened for Joey in Apt. 4C is here.

Until we talk again, keep turning our pages, you’d get more inspiration that you
ever thought, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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