Move forward and forget about any hesitation! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Egypt, France, and Singapore! 😉

I can’t believe  that I scratch my computer monitor just for the sake of being quick in answering the Skype ringing …..  I can’t believe that the dream come true….

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Here we go again, the phone rings again, I’ll be her fool again one more time. It’s the song I’m listening to right now. “Here We G..

   She will break my heart again, I’ll play that part again one more time for Norah  Jones n Ray Charles. I like it.



Not our topic but just saying to connect with you, guys! Eyelids have a story, since my right eyelid is doing the same that Jim’s eyes were doing- twitching.

At first, I didn’t pay attention to that thinking that it would go away by itself, since it happens to everyone from time to time, but it didn’t.

When  getting worried, I got an appointment with my physician to find a solution for me. He was nice explaining that there was no need to get worried, and that it was either due to sitting for long period of times opposite to my computer or my phone. Another possibility that I was under stress that caused that involuntary movement of my lower eyelid.

Feeling better now, Mia says I should share the reasons and the solutions that my doctor suggested.


Sure, I can do that but in our next post, so until we chat again, keep your eye open for more inspiration with our hugs and kisses




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