Your Eyelids!

Time after time, you go as fast as you can, but are you done with everything on your list?!  😉 Anyway, welcome back dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, and India! 😉

Although our post today is a completion for yesterday’s one; however, this is really well said for an introduction, so we borrow it here for you, and you can check on the source:

Have you ever had an episode where one of your eyes has been twitching uncontrollably for a few days? An eye twitch, while annoying, is usually nothing serious. A twitching eye is a creepy sensation, as you can feel your eyelid moving uncontrollably.


As I told my team, my physician suggested a number of reasons for that eyelid twitching including:

. Not having enough sleep or not going into a deep restful sleep.
. Sitting for long hours to your computer, tablet, or your cell phone.
. Being under stress.
. Drinking a lot of coffee or tea, or any other similar drinks.
anim_eyehealth-5a8474236bf0690037d8a043. Fatigue or physically exhausted.
. Smoking.
. Eye infection or disease.
. Getting exposed to a bad air-quality like the wave that took place lately in CA due to fires.

He emphasized the first two reasons more than others though. The solution simply makes sense:

. In case of sitting long hours to your cell phone, it’s good to have a specific time to check on your phone; you don’t have to be annoyed by checking on your cell every two minutes lest you’d miss some text, and the same goes to your computer. You need to set time with intervals when you use your laptop, so that you wouldn’t spend forever time in front of of your monitor, without paying attention to your eyes‘ health.



This is a serious matter, stay away from caffeine if you’re a heaving drinker of coffee, etc.

Otherwise, for any other reason, go to a specialist or have your physician refer you to a specialist to figure out if there was any other thing that you need to pay attention to before it is too late.

If you smoke, stop smoking or cut it down gradually until you can stop it completely.Geekstore

Until we talk again, pay good attention to your eyes and to our topics; both are valuable with our hugs and kisses

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