Slaves of SmarmPhones!

Love is new everyday. Your heart keeps stumbling like a toddler’s first steps, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t keep it away. Just like a new born day, love is unending, no way to pretend otherwise! 😉 But are you in love today? Let’s first cheer up and welcome our dear friends and readers from everywhere: the US, India, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, European Union, Bangladesh 😉

Is it nice to be online all the time, or is it better to be on the phone continuously? Which one is less harmful?

Lisa told me yesterday that she was in vacation from her cell phone, and that she was only answering her emails for the whole week.

Image result for all the family on the phone

Certainly, I asked why. Obviously, there was some sort of harm or undesirability. She said that she was advised by her physician not to be on her cell phone for more than 30 min max. Otherwise, she would be exposing her brain to tumors.

That was not a good news at all. It was a serious warning, but cell phone companies never tell people that truth. They do want to make more money, which is, of course, natural in a business driven world. 

Super Summer Travel Deals! Use Code SUMMER20 & Save up to $20!Book NOW!However, ethically-speaking, all phone companies should give warning to all customers; in fact, not only cell-phone companies, but also landline phones can harm people who use it for hours longer than the normal average person. Apparently, some have already filed cases against a number of companies. 💡

It is something similar to smoking, they should give you the warning, and it’s up to Image result for All on the phone in the trainyou, to choose to be careful for your brain, or it doesn’t matter to you, if you no longer have a healthy brain. 🙄

Please think about it seriously. It is something extremely important for you, and for everyone in your family. Nothing is better than prevention.

I felt it’s a duty to spread the word, and pls it’s your turn too in doing the same, because we do care about each other, right?! 😛

Brenda found out  that other additional damages occur to you due to using your smart phone excessively. It’s more than 20 different symptoms, so it is a serious matter, and it’s totally up to you, whether you surrender to that damage, or to decline to be one of the slaves of Smarmphones!

You should either avoid having them, or protect yourself in another way, for instance, by having someone else doing all the tasks that might harm various parts of your body particularly your brain.
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Shall we talk some more about this, or should we move on into another topic? Let me know what you think.

Until we talk again, here’s our kisses and hugs for all of you

. Brain’s harm from cell phone.
. Your Damaged parts of your body through your cell phone.

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