Boom Boom!

Palaces are best not built in the thin air. That is an old saying, but our recent era proved otherwise. Why? Welcome our readers and friends from the US and New Zealand 😉

I think some people when there’s a word that they do not understand, they automatically withdraw from your setting.

Robert and Sam agreed to that. They said that when they hear about the “Boom Boom” for the first time, they totally thought it was a joke, and they didn’t even care to know what exactly it was about.

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What do you think? Is this a kind of negative attitude? No, it’s not. Actually it’s a very normal reaction from all of us, when we hear an unfamiliar word for the first time. Sometimes, we accept it coz we like the way it sounds, and other times we reject it, coz we dislike its sound, or it reminds us of something else that we do not like.

Is it a matter of likeness then, when we hear new words for the first time? Yes, it is and not only for the first time, you can feel creepy about some of the words in our dictionary and try to avoid it, or use alternatives/synonyms when you tend to feel uncomfortable around the word.

Have you ever realized that when a person use vulgar language in his phrases, many people would avoid speaking to her/him. You must have come across this kind of personality, who repeatedly use words like “FK” or “BS” or others, and, definitely you noticed that many people would stay away from the company of that person, just for the sake of the words s/he is using all the time.

The odd thing is that sometimes, you do not know the reason why you dislike  this or that word. It can be related to its sound, meaning, or a bad memory you have. The researchers are still working on it.

Oh! As for palaces’ proverb, the satellites ;contradict that old saying, right, what do you think?

Until we have more info about that, we’d give you our hugs and kisses ❤

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