Hey everyone! Welcome our new friends and readers from the US.

From time to time, I like to check on Craigslist,  indeed, Monster, or others, so that we can publish some of the vacancies or jobs available for our students. Azza told me two weeks ago that she found a great opportunity on Craigslist, some kind of partnership.

I told her to take it easy and not to get involved into something except after making sure that it was the right thing for her to do.

As you all know, everyday we’re trying to give you something new, no matter how small or how big this piece of info is, it’s still valuable, coz you build up your storage of info a bit by bit.
We can collect our data gradually; it can’t be gathered all at the same time. It’s kind of building up a piece by piece, in order to be well-organized, in a way that you can retrieve it at ease.

Oh! I miss Two & Half Men – the old version with Charlie Sheen. I think that was the best Image result for two and a half mencharacter that fit for him, for some reason.

Back to Azza, she showed me the ad., and it was attractive the way it was written.

But you might feel the scam in the language used in it. We decided to explore what it really was.

In brief, it was a scam, but the funny thing about it was that it was even a bad scam. The guys didn’t even care to polish their assumed educational webinars, or editing the bad parts from their videos.

Here’s how the ad looked like:


Of course, you understood the rest. Be careful, guys, there ‘s a lot of bogus these days everywhere, and nobody cares any more to check up on the accuracy of the resources or others.

Kisses & hugs to all of you ❤

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