Today My 1Zumba?

I’ll be seeing you, by Billie Holiday, is a phenomenal song; I couldn’t resist listening to it over and over again. It has been used in the movie of “The Notebook” in one of its beginning scenes. A great idea!

Dear readers, visitors, and friends from everywhere, when you listen to this song, you would know how much I miss you all. Dear friends from everywhere, especially from the US, the Uk, Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, New Zealand, Begium, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, n India, I do appreciate your daily visits and I’m always waiting for your emails and comments 😉

Am I too sentimental? Is that how you feel? Well, may be. May be you’re right, may be you’re wrong! I love good music, and I love good stories with good endings. I like nice things, and I appreciate love and friendship. In my mind, every human being would have the same feelings. May be I’m right, or may be I’m wrong!

Dear 1Zumba friend, answering your question, M.B., about that snobbish person you’re dating, I really don’t know what to say coz I don’t know the person you are talking about, but from the way you have described him, I would say that:

Isn’t it amazing to own a whole building, a shopping mall, or an island for leisure time? How proud would you feel if you were the owner of something huge like any of these, or something similar? Very proud, or overwhelmingly proud? I guess. Is this the typical normal answer ? Yes. Ok!

So how about people who are dealing with you when you own all these properties, how would you expect them to treat you? “A lot of respect, or even more than the normal level of respect, more gratitude, more hypocrisy, etc.. Right?”  Yes. So obviously, that person is expecting you to treat him/her the same way  some wealthy people (not all of them) like to be treated. It is not easy to have that person humble himself/herself. You can only remind her/him that s/he needs to appreciate more the Creator of our galaxies, if s/he wants the humans to appreciate him more. In my opinion, this will make him/her understand completely how you feel.


Back to our post, do you know when you’re having like a billion things to do, and then all of a sudden, you get a letter, telling you that you have committed a violation, giving the info for your vehicle, etc.. How irritating that is? That is exactly what happened to my friends Natalie, and she was shocked when that happened to her. She said that was the last thing she needed for her day. And I really felt her frustration, when she told me that she was never been to that area, although the info in that “FastTrack” letter was hers. She didn’t rent her car to anybody, and she didn’t lend  it to anybody, so where that came from? From the nowhere, just to add to her frustration. She found many solutions for how she felt, and I was really glad that I was able to be part of it 😉


Oh! Almost forgot, that newly wed gal asked her groom, how do you like me to be? He said: I love Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Shirley Maclaine, Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, and he kept going on and on forever. She asked him: “Is that all?  He asnwered: “Yes, what else more a man can ask for?”

So the first month of their marriage, he would say I’d see you later Elizabeth, so when he comes back home, Elizabeth Taylore would be waiting for him, and spend the whole night together  laughing and playing. The other week, he would say: “Shall we go to the movie tonight, Cameron? So, when he comes back home, Cameron would be ready to go with him to the movie. Everyone would be looking at them, thinking that his wife was the famous movie star, and even some of them would approach her asking for her photo, or signature.

They continued like that for three months, after that, one day he was so tired coming back from work, his boss just gave it to him, so in a tiny voice said: “Darling, I need you.” Nobody answered. He spoke louder, saying “Dear are you here? I need to talk to you?” Still nobody replied, so he went to the bedroom, and he found his wife sitting there in front of her mirror. He asked her in an angry tone: “Why didn’t you answer me?” She said: “You didn’t mention any name, how could I answer you? I don’t know who am I today my 1Zumba?” 😉


Love you all guys, and we’ll talk soon, probably I’ll give you some new recipe for special cookies, so until then, here’s my kisses and hugs 😉


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