Jellyfish & Immortality!

Smart people, it’s usually enough to give a hint! right?! Thank you for coming to our world. Welcome friends from the US, Serbia, and India 😉 We talked about jellyfish before and how that some of them are considered to be able to live forever. We mentioned that if scientists were able to discover how … More Jellyfish & Immortality!

Secret of Immortality!

Dearest  readers and friends, welcome back to our world. Let’s thank the Creator for giving us all of that beauty. Hello the US, Ireland, Singapore, India, Serbia, Morocco, Romania, Australia, Germany, & Pakistan 😉 The secret of immortality has been searched for many years by scientists everywhere, but only other species were able to get … More Secret of Immortality!

Make-Up Stratagem!

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our page today. We hope that you’d find what you’re looking for, through our words. Welcome our guests from the US, Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Vietnam, Germany, South Korea, & Philippines 😉 It has been a long fun day, my 1Zumba friend, and all in all, the maximum achievement … More Make-Up Stratagem!