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Today, Richard visits his sister Sarah. She is our office assistant, and she has been sick for some time.  I think, it was some kind of flu. Few days ago, she had a fight with her boyfriend, and she called her brother in order to interfere, in that ugly situation. I am not sure why it is escalated to that extent!

Sarah said, it all started few weeks ago, when she and her boyfriend, Armando, decided to follow some diet, in order to lose weight. Armando chose some kind of rice diet, but she chose some protein diet, so they couldn’t agree on having the same diet. Since that day, each one of them started preparing her/his own food. Also, their shopping for the ingredients for their different diets began to be done each one alone. A bit by bit, they no longer eat together, and lastly, it became worse not seeing each other, except in a hurry, saying hi or bye.

1Z FstD

Sarah felt that there was something wrong in their relationship, not only because of the diet thing, but also, there was something missing. There was no more eagerness to see , to talk to , or to share things together the way they used to. She spoke to her older sister, Natalie about it.

Natalie was the kind of girl, who was very aggressive, disliked by everyone she worked with. She worked in a credit union, she had long hair, and she was in love with her manager, although she had a boyfriend she lived with. You can imagine what Natalie would tell her younger sister. Sure, she told her to kick him out, and to have a better boyfriend, and that he didn’t deserve her.

Richard, on the other hand, is the good brother, who really cares for his sisters, but he had a very limited experience himself, when it came to relationships. He’s been with many girls, but he was not yet committed to a special one, although soon he would be in his thirties. So as complicated as it was, Richard, took the side of Armando, coz Armando told him that he was faithful to Sarah, and that he never thought of any other person.

Richard, nevertheless, felt that it was not right that they would continue living together if they no longer have any feelings for each other. So when he came to the office, he asked Sarah, to invite me for a cup of coffee, to sit with them.

We talked and talked, then Richard asked me directly what I thought of Sarah’s situation with Armando. Frankly speaking, I had to go with my guts, I told him that I personally, could not fake being happy at my own home while I was not. For me, the normal thing was, I wanted to taste a good cup of coffee all the time.

My dear 1Zumba friend, you would ask me: “What do you mean?” I mean, when I buy a dress. Every time, I wear this dress, I would look at the mirror, and say in my mind: “Wow! This was a good choice!”  That goes for everything in my life. Every time, I would look at my boyfriend, or my husband, I want to say: “Wow! This was the best cup of coffee!” while having the feeling of not wanting this cup of coffee to ever end. This is how much I love to keep what I love, but when I don’t have this feeling, I don’t buy it.

Relationships are complicated. May be those diets were not the right ones, in the first place, and we all laughed, haha!

So my suggestion for her, was to try a new diet, that would work for both of them. From there, they should give themselves 4-5 weeks, if they continue to be unhappy or miserable, so it is goodbye, and friends. Richard was happy with my suggestion, so was Sarah, who called her bf and told him that they needed to talk.

This was the diet I suggested for her: TWO weeks diet, extremely easy to follow, nutritious, and fast:

Only two weeks Easy Diet:

Before explaining any Dieting details, there are a number of important points that must be taken into consideration when you follow a good diet, but above all you should consult a doctor or a nutritionist before embarking on easy dieting.


1: Permitted fruit sare oranges, bananas by half a banana, apple, grapefruit (grapefruit) by half a fruit.

2: Salads, it must be without adding oil, sauce, and their amounts are limited only to tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and no salt or as little as possible.

3: Lemonade or coffee with no sugar or as little as possible so as not to exceed one tablespoon once a week only.

4: Drink water as much as possible, including at least eight glasses a day.

5: No snacking in-between meals ,4 or 5 hours at least and stop eating after 8pm .

Dieting is easy but the hard part is to follow it accurately.

Breakfast. (Fixed within 14 days of the accursed)

An egg or two eggs as desired, preferably restriction + cup of lemon juice + a cup of coffee.


First day

Lunch: Grilled Steak + parsley + cucumber + tomato + coffee.

Dinner: 2 hard boiled egg + boiled zucchini + coffee.

Second day

Lunch: poached chicken breast + pepper + tomato + coffee

Dinner: salad any quantity + fruit fruit.

Third day

Lunch: Grilled Steak + lettuce + tomato + cucumber + coffee.

Dinner: salad any quantity + fruit fruit.

Fourth day

Lunch: a slice of toast diet brown +2 boiled egg + salad + lemon juice + coffee.

Dinner: Chest poached chicken + salad + lemon juice.

Fifth day

Lunch: a slice of toast diet brown +2 boiled egg + salad + lemon juice + coffee.

Dinner: chicken breast boiled preferably be cool and of course skinless + salad + lemon juice.

Sixth day

Lunch: Grilled Steak steak + lettuce + cucumber + tomato + parsley.

Dinner: salad + fruit fruit is one of any kind as desired with the exception of prohibitions that have been mentioned at the beginning of our theme.

Seventh day

Lunch: a slice of toast diet brown + grilled fish + salad + lemon juice + coffee.

Dinner: 2 hard boiled egg + boiled zucchini + coffee.

Repeat this course for seven more days and preferably consult a doctor before taking this step, just as a precaution.

[Your feedback is greatly appreciated]

It is hard to sustain relationships. It takes time and effort. However, there is few tricks that could keep it going on forever. We’ll tell you about them in our coming posts.

Thank you for being with our 1Zumba Relationship’s Diets, and we wish you all the best in your relationships with others. Just be good to each other, and enjoy your life. We’ll talk to you soon, about some new discovery, which is quite interesting for many of us. Until then, here’s my hugs, love you all guys 😉

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