Something About’t!

Thank you our new visitors and our current readers. Thank you for everyone, who is with us today, especially from Brazil, Peru, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the US, n the UK 😉

How are you my 1Zumba friend? Did you have a good Friday or I mean a good Saturday? Sure you did. Well, I did too, I had that wonderful experience with my friends in ….Oh! Never mind! Let’s talk first to our friends, who have been waiting the whole day for us 😉

imageLet’s make it short & exciting! As you know, or you don’t, I don’t know, there are people who would push you up all the way, and bring out the best in you; while there are others , who, if around you, they would pull you down, MadeInWashington.comwhere you don’t belong, but what to do?!

If you knew this  about a certain guy or gal, it’s good for you to get away from her/him, coz, this would help you avoid many unpleasant occasions. But if not, start watching people you know, and what happened when they are closer.

Do they make you feel happy about yourself?, do they encourage you? Do they say thank you for the nice things you do for them? Or, they are just sucking your energy up, asking you questions such as: What happened to your knees? What’s wrong with your eyes? Why do you have grey hair that early?! 😡Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!

Even if they were laughing, or teasing you, they are not the right ones for you. Get around other inspiring people, who would take you all the way up to the top. Stay away from pessimistic people, they are not only miserable creatures, but their misery would affect you eventually.

You can ride that wave with little people, but it would not take you where you want to be. It’s your path, anyway, just try to use all the tools you have. You’ve got plenty; you look at them, but you don’t see them!Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!Qatar AirwaysWhy shopping is so good? OMG! I couldn’t resist buying and buying, my friend and I. She reminded me of a hilarious situation, happened to us about two years ago. We were doing some acts in a school play, and dressing all up in our way. We stopped by that mall, in our way to pick up few things, while all of a sudden, that handsome guy came up after us, and grabbed the arm of my friend. Oh! We had hats on our heads, and dark glasses, I forgot to tell you this.

So when that happened, we were startled and she grabbed her arm back quickly, and shouted at him, saying: “What do you think you’re doing?”. At that moment, we were in the parking lot, heading to our car. “Cindy! What’s wrong?”

I turned around, coz she was behind, and saw her talking to that man. He said: “ You don’t know me?” She said: “NO, who are you?” He said: “I’m the one who sent you the flowers, the roses; and I’m the one who is sending you the cards, bla bla bla” I interfered: “Are you sure you know who she is?, may be you’re mistaken her for someone else” Guess what he said? [if you’re interested to know the rest, you know how to reach us] 😉Geekstore

Anyway, it was very funny story, and I just remembered it, when I talked about shopping. Things come to my mind in chunks, and I want to tell you everything. The other day, I was in a class of 1Zumba, and I was saying that I gained weight. May be about 10 pounds, so my 1Zumba friends asked me: “why?” Another friend answered; “Coz she missed many classes” laughing, and when I was home, I thought, it was true: why I gained weight.Geekstore

So I found out that there were hundred answers to that simple question, but I didn’t even collect my thoughts at that moment and gave a partial answer for it. For one thing, we had tests periods, and when there are examination, I tend to eat more coz mostly eating in a group of colleagues; not exercising that often, sitting most of the time, concentrating on finishing as much as possible from writing, correcting, checking grades, comparing, etc…But most of all, coz I was not getting enough sleep. Can you believe it? Yes, when I don’t have enough sleep, I certainly gain weight.

g5Gloria and Bryan, both praised our posts in, they mentioned something very nice about it. They said: “Sometimes people meet (Planned or not), and they don’t have something to talk about, except: “How old is your kid? Does he go to school? Is this your photo? Was that you waving the other day, on FB? They do not have a really fruitful talk.

With posts, there is such variety and richness of subjects, that we can talk about endlessly, and that is how Raquel (his wife, & a colleague too) and I are using this right now, even in our classes. I have to admit that we use many of your stories, Sophie, even in our classes.”

Oh! OMG! You cannot believe how I felt at that time, when they say so. It was like taking me up up in a ride with the clouds. I felt I was really blessed and I wished that many of you would feel the same about these posts. So keep talking about it, and just remember me, that is enough for me, my dear 1Zumba friends. I’m confident that there is something about it, my 1Zumba

GeekstoreYou see what happened, it was meant to be quick and short; nevertheless, it took us to the ocean of life-matters again 😉 Be cool, drive safely, n take good care of yourself. Kisses ❤Coltorti BoutiqueIGXO Cosmetics


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