Weclome dear readers from everywhere. Thank you for talking to us today, and everyday 😉 It’s an honor and a pleasure to communicate with you all, especially with our new ones from the US, the UK, Guernsey, n Canada 😉

Dear 1Zumba friends, how are you doing tody? Where are you today, shopping, home tidy up, reading working, what are you doing, I wonder 😉  Here’s it’s very summer today, we ran to our pool, and stay most of the day in water.

Hair is very important for everyone. I can hardly find someone who does not care for her/his hair, unless, of course, is not the standard natural norm we talk about here.

hrSo why is hair important?
What does your hair say about you?
How hair colors reveal part of your personality?
When did hair color start?

Let me first tell you something about beauty, before we talk about hair, coz I feel it’s implicitly related. Years back when I was preparing for my master, I used to write articles for the school’s journal. One of the articles I wrote was about females’ beauty, and how that each female has a very special unique beauty characteristics that are not endowed to anybody else except her.

Added to that, the article mentioned that a female should do nothing, except finding out what features she has distinctively which no one else has. For example, someone has a long neck, a porcelain complexion, a bronze complexion, sharp eyes, agile figure, etc..

Once you figure out what’s so special about you, you are the only one who can use it to emphasize your beauty. But ladies, let me tell you that for sure each one of you has a very peculiar kind of beauty, if you’ve already known it, it’s a bless, and if not just look for it, and you’ll find it just waiting for you. The amazing reaction for that article was applauding, but many of my male colleagues asked me why I didn’t  include them too in my writing, aha!

I think I never answered them 😉 If you like to know the reason, just poke me an email, ha-ha! 😉

hrBack to hair, Angelica has curly short hair, and she complains all the time about it. Greg has very thin dark hair, and he never stop looking in the mirror, combing his hair. Celina has heavy fluffy red hair, and she takes good care of it, using a lot of hair spray, so her hair never moves, right or left. Ernesto uses a lot of firm lotion or stylish cream, which holds his hair up in a wave, as if he carries something on his head all the time. So what is it with hair? Guys n gals!

It is said that we always see our hair as a reflection for our identity, is this true? More Of course this is enough to build up a whole industry based on that concept. Hair industry or business is a huge market in the US. It includes: hair cutting, hair coloring, hair care services, nail care services, other beauty care services; providing permanently modify hair texture, tinting, hair styling , manicure , pedicure, temporary makeup services, facials and skin care services.

With an industry that large, in billions of dollars, control and management become hard to apply. There are many salons that are not in a good condition to run as healthy spots for people to go to, but nobody cares, or complains. Customer service in some of them, except the large ones, in Macy’s or Nordstrom, Bloomingdale‘s for example, is simply not there. The kind of “Take it or leave it”, as if they have enough customers, although you would find this type of salons are mostly empty, with no clients. Of course, their bad customer service is definitely the reason.

Sally, our 1Zumba friend, said that hair reveals your health similar to nails (without nail color), your personality, your mood, your stress degree, n it sends a message to your audience. Therefore, you would find TV hosts, actors, n celebrities care so much about their hair, and how it appears in media.

Last week, Nadine, a very smart student was distributing some pamphlets for an event called hair crazy styles, or something similar, I do not really remember exactly the exact name for the event, but I knew that it was about having crazy hair styles, raising money for some health causes. I liked the idea, but at the same time, I wanted to ask the people who do this, why? So Nadine said that some of them are driven by appearing in the TV, or building up audience for acting career, n others are really doing it for pure charity reasons.

My guess is that everyone has her/his/hx reasons, and whatever they are, good luck for them.

For you too, my dear 1Zumba friends, whatever your dreams, or goals are, we wish you all the best, and we wish to share your success, as well as your anything. You are very important to us. So take good care of your 1Zumba hair. Still, we need to answer more questions related to hair, so we’ll have a continuation, later on 😉

Charlotte, our 1Zumba friend, took many pictures for the lake in Oakland, but next time, we are gonna post them, coz there’s not enough space today, for more materials. Until then, here’s my hugs 😉


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