True Beauty!

You have within yourself your own gold mine whose riches are accessible only for you! Keep this in mind! 😉 Our thanks go for our new friends readers from the US, Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, St.Kitts & Nevis, Norway, Lithuania, Vietnam, Palestinian Territories, and Argentina; especially for those who took the time in giving their feedback!

It’s raining dogs and cats today in the Bay area; it’s so pretty to see these gradually grey clouds side to side by the white clouds and it’s pouring heavily while there was hail on the ground and the cars need more control for the sake of not being swerved.

My son told that he would show me a place downtown Walnut Creek which I’d like a lot. I said OK!

I did like it a lot. Here’s some photos:

The decoration, the team, the designers, the plateau, the stairs, the models; everything was peculiarly chosen with full range of creativity, art, and beauty!

By the way, the stores are called “Anthropologie

Until we talk again, I hope you’d enjoy this kind of rare beauty the way I did with my son, and bear in mind that it’s only for certain people to feel this kind of beauty, which you’d find you also in our topics with our hugs and kisses


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