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Dear 1Zumba friend, Although I have been using the BART for many years, but not on a regular basis, it is still confusing for me every time I use it. I met with a close relative in Berkeley, and he had two cameras ready for us to take photos everywhere we went. We had a walk and a talk, it was so enjoyable. I used to have a walk and a talk with my best friend, in OC, but after we moved apart, I rarely had that walk and talk anymore.

In my way to Berkeley, since I used the Bart, I saw many ads on the walls inside and outside the station, some of which were not delivering the right message they intended to. One would wonder if the ad was for a candy or for a video game. Using names for things that is not related to the original meaning of the word, is a double-edged weapon.  When I read the word Candy, definitely, I would think of sweets, not of a computer program, or a game. When I hear the word galaxy, my mind would go to astronomy, not to a TV show, or to a cell phone. Anyway, these rules have become an old fashion, and the prevailing is that you can call anything anything you want  😕 

We stopped by the City Library, naturally, it goes without saying. I noticed the Boobies Campaign,  and I started pay close attention to many of the articles written about that subject. I know it is a very important subject, but I never wrote about it, and, I have no specific reason for not to write about it. It’s not that I’m not sympathizing with Breast Cancer patient, but it is rather the helplessness about it that I dislike the most.

boLisa Hix wrote:
“Men notice boobs no matter where they are — under your shirt, in the written word, and, apparently, on my Facebook wall. All I had to do was post link with the headline-“No More ‘Save the Ta-Tas,’ Please”-and before long, a couple of put-upon guys from my Midwestern roots swooped onto my Facebook page to tell me to get grip. They didn’t want to see incorrigible feminist like myself post a sharp critique of boob-centric Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. I need to stop “whining,” dial it back, and accept that sexism makes the world go around. Guys, seriously. The last thing I need is for you to explain breast cancer to me.

Their arguments went something like this: “Hey hey, now, calm down there, Missy. Don’t be a party pooper ruining everyone’s good time. Straight men love boobs; that’s a fact. They love to look at them and, when they can, feel them. And sex sells! That’s a fact of economics. All this good ol’ boob-ogling is making money hand over fist for breast-cancer research-isn’t that all that matters?”

Best way to care for your healthy breasts is to protect them. Read more.  More important is that breast ailments are not only for women. Any breast for a man or a woman can get serious illness, if not protected the way it should be. So educate yourself about how to take good care of your boobs, breast, or tits, whatever you want to call them. Just be alert for any symptoms that appear to you. The earlier you deal with it the better for you.

These are most of the main words related to “Boobies” in Urban Dictionary:

One of the things I noticed in the Bart, everyone was so busy with his/her cell. OMG all of them were like hypnotized. I thought if a hammer knocked their heads down nobody would feel anything, the way they were so engaged with their whatever they were doing. Is this an addiction? At that moment I thought of Jim Carrey‘s movie “The Truman Show”, 1998, when he was watched and surrounded by cameras everywhere, and he didn’t know about it. Somehow it felt something similar to that but it was a reality, it was not a TV show. Somehow philosophical! May be it is, but isn’t it true? Should we do something about it? What do you think my dearest 1Zumba friend? I really like to hear your voice!

brkAnyway, the goal was to have some fun meeting a friend relative, and to chat a little bit, to socialize, and to have few laughs. We had a nice meal, and some hot cocoa. It was raining, but still the goal was achieved thank God!

That was my day, I hope that everyone had a good day and achieved a goal, whether it was gardening, playing, studying, working, having some fun, or just talking about 1Zumba Bobbies 😉

My hugs and my kisses to all of you everywhere, and waiting for your emails and comments. Remember our words, and keep telling our stories to your friends, and invite them to visit our site with you, probably they will catch a laugh, or something new they didn’t hear about before. You never know 😉

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