New Jersey SuperStar!

Better build your palace on the solid ground instead of on the thin air! Thank you dearest readers and friends from the US, India, Macedonia, Australia, the UK, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, & South Korea šŸ˜‰ Let’s have a lot of funĀ with our gorgeous SuperStar from New Jersey, USA.Ā  One more time, we’re adding a … More New Jersey SuperStar!

Jacky, 1Zumba France!

Welcome welcome our dearest readers from everywhere. The same goes for dear friends, very welcome to our pages. Our special greetings are for the US, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, Romania, n Sweden šŸ˜‰ December 13 Sophie:Ā I prefer to use this texting method here, i hope you don’t mind , 12/13, 4:55am,Ā Jacky PichonniĆØre Ā Jacky PichonniĆØre Not … More Jacky, 1Zumba France!

1Zumba Mexico ā€°!

Dear friends and readers from the US and the UK, thank you for constantly visiting our pages. We appreciate your presence šŸ˜‰ Dear 1Zumba Ā friend, we have a new SuperStar to add to our 7000 SuperStars today! This new interview was done coincidentally. It was not planned for or intended, but it was enjoyable to … More 1Zumba Mexico ā€°!

Tatjana, 1Zumba Croatia!

Thank you for coming to our world. Welcome our followers, readers, friends, bloggers, writers, we are really glad that you continue visiting and sharing your thoughts with us, especially from the US, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK, Spain, Vietnam, Hong Kong SAR China, Australia, n Croatia šŸ˜‰ We have a new interview with a … More Tatjana, 1Zumba Croatia!


Hello and welcome our dear readers everywhere. Thanks for visiting us today, and every day; appreciating our new guestsĀ from theĀ US, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Australia, n Mexico šŸ˜‰ Always feeling lucky Ā being able to speak to all of you and to share experiences with you.Ā  Many dreams I have, and I wish I can fulfill … More Engraved?