Italy’s SuperStar Marco!

Great day full of fireworks everywhere! Yes, we’re celebrating the 4th of July, guys! Welcome dear friends and readers from the US, Canada, and Serbia 😉

We’re lucky today coz Our 7000 SuperStars has just added a new wonderful star, whose words are really so comforting, so optimistic, and reflects an awesome nature. His name is Marco Nalbert Lancini who is a very active person in life as well as an active member in our FB group- 1ZumbaCircles. 

I hope that you would enjoy that nice light interview, and share with us your dreams the way Marco did. Thank you Marco, it has been a pleasure having that chat with you.

S: Hello Marco

JUN 21ST, 11:56PM


JUN 22ND, 11:17AM 

Would you like to have an interview with us?

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1Zumba Happy Italy!
……gram must help people not only to improve their health but their happiness too. That’s What I want to see: happy people ………………
You would be talking to our readers about your experiences, or your business (if you have one) or your life in general.
Marco: Ok Sophie😊😊
S: Great!
How would you like to introduce yourself to our reader? Where are you located?
I’m 33 years old, I’m from Italy i live near Bergamo a town that is 50 km far from Milan.


I’m a fitness trainer i do this job from 2008 and my specialties are step aero and walk exercise

S: Great! How did you choose your career? Is there a daily/monthly plan you have for your work? What is Step Aero and walk exercise?
I did sports since i was a child (especially soccer and volleyball), i studied at university of sports in Brescia but my real first contact with gym was when i had an injury on my left shoulder and i had to go to the gym to do rehab.
I met a very good trainer and he was a fantastic teacher and he explain me all the thing about the work in the gym
I started to work like a body building-personal trainer for 1 year and then i had to change because the gym had financials problems, so i found work in another gym and the boss told me that i had to start to do musical fitness…At the beginning for me was a shock, but slowly slowly i started to appreciate it and now i do especially musical fitness

I work from Monday to Saturday and i do about 3 lessons per day.Step, aero and walkexercise are 3 fitness disciplines that i teach, they are all cardio disciplines, in Step i create a choreography and you have to do this following the music rhythm climbing up and down the “step”, in Aero(aerobic dance)you do the same things like step but without the step, in Walk exercise i have a mechanical treadmill (without electricity, it work with your movement)and over here i walk and i do some exercises always following the music rhythm.

S: Great! Before getting involved in fitness career, were you doing something else, or were you just graduated from middle school, high school, or what?
– Do you feel that you achieved everything you want so far?
– If yes, why? If no, why?
M: I was graduated in high school than i studied for 1 year science of education, but it wasn’t my street so i studied and i had a bachelor degree in science of sports…During The university i was a volleyball teacher for children
About The second question yes i’m very happy,and i love my job but i think that a good fitness trainer have always to study to improve his skill..
S: Sounds great!
– Have you ever traveled abroad? Or are you planning to visit other countries? Or you don’t like traveling? And Why? (for each part).
– Is there a certain dream in your life that you want to achieve more than anything else?
I love best travel was in South Africa i love this country it’full of beautiful nature people and history…other trip that i loved was scotland a magic country…than i visited Barcelona in Spain, Oslo in Norway, Berlin in Germany, London, Beograd in Serbia and Croatia a very beautiful country with a fantastic sea…
And of course i visited all The important Places in my country Italy…😊😊I think that travelling is one of The best thing that we can do in our life because we can see and know a lot of New countries and New cultures…our Planet is wonderful
Mmh i don’t have only just one dream but i can choose two…first:a trip in Antarctica and The places and islands around…second:when i become old go to live in South Africa…
Wwow! Absolutely amazing!
– What would change your mood from being happy into unhappy or vice versa?
– Your English is excellent, do learn English in schools beside the Italian language? Or how come that you are so good in expressing yourself?
I’m uusually happy because our life is one and we have to Enjoy it…😊😁Why we have to be angry?? Luckily there are not many things that make me unhappy…but The thing that make me always happy is my little child…
 I like too much English for me is one of The best languages in The world…it ‘simple and You can speak it worldwide, i studied it in Middle and high school but i learned most by myself ….especially when I was a teenager I thought that it was a good way to know a lot of people especially foreign girls during holidays😜😜😜
S: So nice. Of course you understand that this interview ill be published as is. Only very little editing here and there. Also, we will use one main picture for you, which you’d send us, and few more for the body of the article itself.
I guess that you went through our site, or at least the 7000 SuperStars tap to see how others handled their questions?!
– What message can you convey to people, if you were able to reach every single person on Earth?
– Children are a bless and give people happiness, it’s true, but what kind of difficulties you encountered when you first got children? ☺
Ok i will send You some photos….
Mmh if I have the power send a message to all people this would be “live every minute of your life with passion and love try to be always positive follow your dreams and try to live free doing what you like…

Not so much difficulties my little girl was very very clever since she was born…look like yesterday that she was a little doll and now she’s already ready to go to the nursery school…😊😊S: Oh! That’s great! So which one is the main photo?

Oh! Kids nowadays are so smart.
To be able to handle all the tech around them.
But she must be smart to her mom & dad. What’s her mom does?
Main photo is the third

Yes she’s very smart and very active…my wife is a nursery teacher

– What kind of subjects you like to read about, in general, or for fun?
– If you would get a chance to look at our topics list, on our website, which one you would automatically be curious to know more about? Why?
– On our 1ZumbaCircles FB Group, what kind of activities you like the most and the least? 😬
My favorite readings are history and thriller novels and sometimes science and physics(expecially quantum and universe)
i checked the website it’s a very good page and there are lot of interesting articles😊😊 .
it’s all good topics, I don’t have one favorite
For me on the facebook page are very good the photos of the fitness classes and the videos of the fitness classes
maybe i can share a video of my fitness class….😁😁😁

S: Yes, Pls share everything you want.
I’d love to see one video of yours, and we can also have it shown in your article as well.
Great idea!

Marco: Ok ok…when I will do next lessons I will share the video..😉😉😊😊
S: Let’s close our interview with this:
– Friendship, how is it for you? Do you seek long-term friends, or you are only into intermittent ones? Why?
Let’s see your activities on our group, and adding friends also is a good idea before we publish your post, so by the time it is publishes, it would get the highest possible likes of course.
Once we are done with the editing, I’ll send you the link to be able to share with everyone you like.
Thank you so much. Pls feel free to keep in touch.
Friendship for me is very important it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world because a real friend it’s like a brother he always can understand you and give some great tips and in italy we say: “who find a friend find a treasure”
maBecause my job i have both kind of friendship….people that i knew from primary and middle school and people who i knew just some months ago, but i have 4-5 long standing friends that are like brothers for me…especially one, in fact we grew up together and he was my wedding witness and i will be his….
ok i will wait for it….thank you so much for the interview, it was a really nice experience…..of course we are going to keep in touch..😉🙂

SUN 4:22PM

Thank you so much. All your answers are just great, and I wish you and your whole family the best ever.
Sure once it is ready, you’ll be the first one to get the link! In the meantime, pls leave a comment every time you visit any of our topics I wonder if we have any about history. I’m sure there is few, but again “History” is very wide area to speak of, yet there is a lot of common areas that would be interesting to read or to argue about. You have all these good qualities as a reader which qualifies you to make comments and to critique the written work, and that is why I’d like to see more of your participation in our group or in our website.
I’d seriously encourage you to post to our groups: Writers & Books, and 1ZumbaCircles. Both groups welcome your great ideas for sure.
Ok thank you so much for everything and listen you soon...😊😊😊
We’ll give you a chance to enjoy reading this special interview with Marco, and let’s hear from you. We love your comments and feedback.

With our hugs and kisses ❤


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