Perhaps! Perhaps! Welcome our friends and readers from the US, Mexico, New Zealand, and Sweden 😉

Will, a co-worker, told me few years ago, while we were in a van with others in our way to explore some of our beautiful beaches in CA, that souls were searching for other souls, and that he believed in Karma.

Whatever he meant at that moment, I only understood when that stranger,  from the nowhere approached my door, knocking gently, although he was in another country, away from my place, yet, it was that specific moment, when he brought me to a certain state of mind, as if two souls were interacting, rather than two persons. It was certainly a higher level of interaction.


Everyone else around us were audience, coz it was that moment where both of us, may be, didn’t care much for who was watching or who was reading . It was public written thread with no fears. It was just a brief meeting for two souls!

We’ll resume in a moment, until then, here’s my hugs & kisses

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