2015 1Zumba Millionaire!

Our appreciation and thanks today is for the current and the new readers from the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Panama, Italy, French Guiana, Luxembourg, Portugal, & Dominican Republic.

You got it! Trust your guts! Trust your inner feelings! Yes, I am talking to you my dear 1Zumba friend!

Sometimes you find it hard to choose, especially when you have feelings involved in your decisions.

miTest yourself. I’m thinking, how would you feel if you find yourself having a million dollars over night? For a zillionaire, a billionaire, or a millionaire, probably it would not be a big surprise, since s/he already experienced the excitement of having his/her/hx* first million. But it would be a humongous matter for someone, like you, who has probably less than a million.  

I always had a wish: meeting with certain people [some milliardaires], just for the sake of asking them a certain question. I have been keeping this question for quite some time. Their answers will be my special book, not because of their money, but because they had the answers to that question, or at least I hope, which will be something absolutely a breakthrough!

moMoney and numbers are two inventions humans came up with, in order to be used for the benefits of humanity, or for other reasons. Large numbers sometimes are good, and other times are bad. For example if we had large numbers of wealthy people more than poor people, this would be good. Would it? Another example, if we had small numbers of stupid dangerous ailments, this would be better, and small numbers in this case would win.

Numbers lead us to actions. If they are right and accurate, we can depend upon them, in making serious decisions; and vice versa. 1Zumba, where does it fit here in this context? I don’t know if it could be related to any of this. Yes it is, coz the more people like 1Zumba, the more proofs we will have that it works. What about if it lost its charm? Like any other trademark, this could happen. There is a peak for every product, then when it reaches a certain point, the curve will start going down. Reading about financial fitness, similar to reading about 1Zumba fitness. 

zumOver the years, we learn that there is a time when a certain product come to fashion; then, in few years, it will gradually shy down to another new product. This is natural, new products always climb up secretly, to reach the top of the tree. The new product, has a special strength, which no other has; it will crawl up to be on the top, and in its way up, it will use all its sucking nostrils, to suck the energy out of anything in its way. 

It will leave any object, in the way up, dry and out of energy. Isn’t this normal for any new business to grow up? Yes, it is and at the same time, not necessarily. Coz sometimes, the birth or the burst of the product comes so fast like a sudden unexpected flood. It all depends on the line of business we are talking about. For us here, we are concerned with 1Zumba and physical fitness trades at the present time.

Recently, there has been a few new formats, or dancing based workouts; yet, the 1Zumba is still prevailing. Why? Coz it has been the oldest among other new fitness trends; the new ones are the babies. So far, all the new ones use 1Zumba techniques, some of them add few steps here and there, but the 1Zumba core is still there. 

It is fair to say that none of the new workouts such as FitSteps,  Groove, or Kite pop dancing, came up with something we could really call completely new, at least this is my own opinion, from the classes I watched or attended.

Oh, so now  back again to the test you need to do.  Make up your mind, n stop being hesitant, coz this will be an immense life-time commitment, I mean to your business, my dear 1Zumba Millionaire!  😉

Talk to you soon, love you all ❤

* all other genders.


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