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Welcome our dear readers and visitors from everywhere. Also, our new friends from the US, Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Philippines, n Costa Rica, we dearly welcome you, and want to see you every single day for the rest of our lives 😉

Life is very interesting, as we all know. As you, too, know, my 1Zumba friend! I know that you read this, and you will continue to read it forever. I’m in your blood now, as well as in your mind. You are with me all the time too, the difference between us is that I admit it, but you keep pretending that you don’t know it yet. It’s fine with me. You can’t help it or resist it. Why am I so sure like this? Coz by now, I know about you, more than what you know about yourself. If you had doubts, the days would prove you wrong 😉

Dr. B. Cummins, thank you for your special compliment, or I would say testimony as you put it: “Sophie! You have a unique talent, a gift, or both in grabbing the others’ attention. What’s wonderful about it is that it comes very natural with your writing. And I keep wondering how you do it. Can you share your secret?…..” Again thank you Dr. Cummins for your fabulous and encouraging words, you put it in a wonderful way. You made me speechless!

model_rocket_partsWhy do we wait until our kids are in high school, then we start thinking with them about what they want to be?  The best thing to do, according to latest research results, that we encourage them since early childhood to focus on some kind of high-in-demand interest. For  example, we start talking them about rockets. What is a rocket? How can we build a rocket? What are the scientific benefits of rockets? How rockets will be used in the future in the dialogue with other planets? etc. This isn’t an easy to do, because we live in a community, where most of what we do for our kids is kind of dictated to us. It takes a lot of enlightenment to be aware of our duties towards our kids and our new generations.

So this message is for all mothers and fathers. Invest the right way in your children!

Jazmin, we all miss you so much. We hope to hear from you soon. Everyone in our team is looking forward to see you soon. Keep in touch!

jczIn San Francisco today, the weather is good; a bit cloudy, but it is partly sunny. Some people are able to lay down in the sun, in this weather, but I can’t. I’m either in the pool, or in the Jacuzzi 😕

Dear 1Zumba friend, do you believe in solutions? Coz I do, but I also believe that not every issue can be solved by a software. This is true if you clearly think about it, you would find it true. It makes sense, right.

Now, for you, M.A., I do not encourage you to go for this solution. You have higher talents and higher qualifications than what you will be seeking to do. You will feel frustrated every time you find yourself among other less competitive group. You will feel defeated when your boss is a middle school graduate, not that middle school diplomas are not appreciated, but I am telling you the normal feeling, if you got that spot. Still it is up to you. When you are inside a circle, normally, you wouldn’t see quite well, as someone who is outside. I hope this would help you taking the right decision.

Absolutely Feminine Matter: As I promised you, M.M., I made some research to answer your question, and my conclusion is that first you need to see a specialist, and this is what you are doing right now. Great!

helbBut at the same time, and since you dislike medication, I will tell you, and tell all other females who suffer from heavy monthly periods, few suggestions that I got from experience, from my mom,  grandmother, or a friend like you:
1- Light Exercise, walking.
2- Avoid smoking, caffeine, n stress.
3- Eat food rich in calcium such as spinach, eggs, lettuce, olive, cheese, sesame, n milk, and food rich in iron such as liver, spinach, raisin, hummus, lentils, n figs.
4- Food includes Vitamin C parsley, tomatoes,  spinach,  lettuce, lemon, guava, n vitamin B2 such as kidneys, fish, liver, n beans.  Vitamin B6 such as black honey, milk, fish, meat.
5- Peanut n bananas.
6-Iron: Soy beans, raisins, liver, figs, lentils, hummus to resist the anemia.
7-Helbah “Fenugreek”, yansoon “feverfew”, mint, n chamomile.

I hope that would help you temporarily, until I dig some more for more info. Good luck 🙂  More links are provided under references, and also for anemia deficiency.

SethSometimes after a long work day, we need a laugh. Other times after a stressful situation, we still need some laugh. So here’s a joke I found: “As the crowded elevator descended, Mrs. Simpson became too furious with her husband, who was delighted to be pressed against a gorgeous blonde. As the elevator stopped at the main floor, the blonde suddenly whirled, slapped Mr. Simpson, and said, “That will teach you to pinch!” Bewildered, Mr. Simpson was halfway to the parking lot with his wife when he choked, “I…I…didn’t pinch that girl.” “Of course you didn’t” said his wife, consolingly. “I did.”  Haha 🙂  More

I’m all hopes that today we brought you all 1Zumba rocket solutions 😉

For now, I guess our post if full of too many new ideas, so I’ll give a chance to enjoy it, and to write your comments or questions. Until we talk again about more interesting topics, here’s  our kisses 😉


Iron Deficiency Prevention:


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