1Zumba, EnGlish!

For our very special readers, visitors, bloggers, writers, followers, and friends from everywhere, we appreciate being with us, and we would continue to expect your visits daily, especially from our new friends from Myanmar (Burma), the US, Mexico, Germany, Philippines, Algeria, Canada, n Brazil šŸ˜‰

“I am in America & I shouldn’t be ordering my fast sandwich in Spanish! Ā It really irritates many people, not only myself, when they get to order their food, and the person who is helping does not speak English,” Sufa, oneĀ of my students Ā said. He added, “If I were in Mexico, they will talk to me in Spanish, if I were in Italy, they would speak Italian, so why don’t they speak to me in English here, in my own country?! One of the things that makes America unique is that its people speak in English, and we should keep our uniqueness”. Do you agree my 1Zumba friends?Ā 


Dr. Sophie Essay found a true opinion in what Krauthammer, among other things, said: “one of the major reasons for American’s great success as the world’d first ‘universal nation’ …has been that an automatic part of the acculturation was the acquisition of English,” (Krauthammer)

I would invite everyone who lives in the USA to try her best to communicate in English language, Ā not only for the sake of being able to order a meal in a good restaurant, but also to communicate well with people, and to understand this beautiful culture.

Nobody is against other languages; all languages are beautiful coz all of them are methods of communication among people! But when I visit Italy, I don’t expect people to talk to me in English, they would speak in Italian, right?! In Japan, people, who know English, would still speak in Japanese primarily, then any other language comes after, if they need to do that. I mean this is the norm in any country, so let’s follow the normal way of living!

Patty’s Real Estate Corner: [Key after 3 paragraphs]

– What is an income tax?
– Who makes the largest number of home loans?
– How was it formerly called, the CA Fair Employment & Housing Act?

What is the advantages of knowing English well? It’s not only will help you pass the immigration language test, but also, it will get you a better job, or a better position. You would be able to understand your rights better. Of course you know all of that, most of you, at least. So our say would be just as a reminder for those who didn’t think about it yet.

Many families sent their kids to California, New York, Colorado, or other states to have them learn English language. So let’s all preserve this unique quality for our nation.

English learning is also for adults and seniors. All ages are equal when it comes to learning English. It’s not enough that you’re able to order your meals or groceries in English, you’ve got to live the language, you’ve got to improve yourself. The more you learn, the more you’d enjoy things around you. It feels frustrating to have posters or billboards that you don’t understand what it says, or you partially understand it, wouldn’t it?! šŸ™„

It feels more enjoyable to share the jokes, to taste the beauty of things in its own language, to watch a movie or an episode etc..Ā 

Key for Patty’s Real Estate Corner:
– A progressive tax.
– Savings banks.
– Rumford Housing Act.

Learning English is a huge business worldwide, no doubt about that. Check the web yourself, and you’d get what I mean. The global market opens its arms for teachers of English language. They are definitely in demand more than ever. MoreĀ This business is estimated in billions every year, since there are billions and billions of people who seek learning English worldwide. šŸ˜•

Also, it is for your own safety and protection. I remember that there was an English teacher, who used to give us an extreme example of being unable to understand the language. He said: “One time, there was a traveler in a train, and there was a sign that says “It’s fatal if you don’t look out”, Ā so he opened the window and got his head out of the window to look at whatever he thought he would find. Guess what happened? Yes, sadly enough, he lost his head šŸ˜„

To that extent, English language is important, since you live in a country that speaks English, you’ve got to understand what is going on around you, to protect yourself and your family, not only to enjoy life and events.

We hope that our team’s message gets through to everyone, with our 1Zumba English.

Until we talk again, get engaged via our topics, with our hugs and kisses ā¤


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