Gun vs Knife!

Life here is dangerous to the extreme. “Here” is meant to be in certain areas! 😉 Welcome and thank you our dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Germany, Poland, France, Mexico, Ukraine, South Korea, Denmark, Tanzania, Serbia,Brazil, Bulgaria Egypt, Tunisia, and India 😉

Shooting or aiming a gun can be fun. You used to go to a shooting club where there were competitions for shooting birds and the winner is the one who gets her/his bird shot and dropped down to the green ground. It’s a hobby to a number of people. Hunting or shooting is similar to running after a target to catch!

Here’s Google’s advice for your basics:

  • Hold the gun firmly with your proper grip.
  • Align the sights on the target.
  • Place the center of the first pad of your trigger finger on the trigger.
  • Begin pressing the trigger rearward, smoothly, without moving anything else (or while moving everything else as little as possible)

Trying to use a rifle or a pistol is like any other tool. You try it for the first time, and then you can get used to it once you st. It is useful to have a gun in the random areas where there is security problems, to protect yourself or your family.

Some areas further SophieGunVsaway from Brentwood, CA, you would have to feel safe, and this wouldn’t happen until you have a weapon to defend yourself in case you are attacked by someone in the middle of the night, whether you are by yourself or with your family.

Do not tell me that there are other ways to protect yourself in those areas, coz there is none. And you need to be sure that you are ready for any action. 

Some people have to buy homes in areas far away from the center of the city for home prices sometimes are better. But how about using a knife instead of a gun in difficult attack situations.

Against a knife the gun is even worse. If you rely only upon your handgun – you just might get killed. Most people, law enforcement included, have no idea how fast a knife wielding assailant can move. In a blink of an eye he can be upon you. I have seen police videos of actual stabbings and it is frightening. I have seen multiple armed police officers getting stabbed one after another, afraid to open fire since the assailant ‘only’ has a knife. Finally someone realizes that a knife is a formidable weapon against a gun, and shoots the guy.

If you have a hand gun, realize that it does not provide absolute protection against a knife, especially as the distance decreases.

Someone said that this is the fastest gun: HK VP9 9MM

Image result for fastest gun

Why guns are appealing to men more than they are to women?

Is it safe to have a gun in your place when you have little kids around?

What kind of consequences that you would have to bear in case your gun was stolen or lost?

If you live in California, you need to know about the gun laws here so that you would be aware of what is going on around you.

Shooting innocent people is a disaster! People need to live in peace, not to be worried and scared for their lives most of the time.  😦

Until we talk again, stick to your plans with our topics to get the best results for your real inspiration. Of course, this will be with our hugs and kisses

. How to make a knife.


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