YouTube Shooting?

More shooting! This time is at YouTube, and the reason is still unknown! 😉 Thanks for coming to our pages friends from the US, the UK, Uganda, Italy, Armenia, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Georgia, and India  😉             It’s not easy to find a map for all countries of … More YouTube Shooting?

Students’ Shooting!

Welcome back dear friends from the US, Ireland, India, and Italy, Brazil, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, the UK, Iceland, and Russia 😉 Thank you for sharing your comments with us. During a break at our office, a friend was talking about the shooting spree that is going on and is repeated randomly in different states at … More Students’ Shooting!

Gun vs Knife!

Life here is dangerous to the extreme. “Here” is meant to be in certain areas! 😉 Welcome and thank you our dearest friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Germany, Poland, France, Mexico, Ukraine, South Korea, Denmark, Tanzania, Serbia,Brazil, Bulgaria Egypt, Tunisia, and India 😉 Shooting or aiming a gun can be fun. You used … More Gun vs Knife!


Even if you were a snake, never trust one! Good intentions do not justify foolish actions, right?! 😉 Thank you for your comments dear friends and readers from everywhere: the US, India, Germany, Philippines, Romania, Netherlands, Turkey, Peru, Ireland, Russia, and France 😉 What is bias? It’s an inclination or prejudice in favor of or … More Bias!


You are your own….Timing is ….. 😉 Hello and welcome dear friends and readers from the US, Brazil, New Zealand, UAE, the UK, India, Canada, Spain, n Hong Kond SAR China 😉 Comparing handguns is not easy.  You must have heard the words: pistol, gun, revolver, or handgun as they are used alternatively, but you … More Guns!

Is Shooting Fun?

Perfect day! Sunny and the breeze makes you want to go to the beach and just relax under the sunshine! Thank you and welcome our new friends from everywhere including the US, South Korea, Uganda, Fiji, Indonesia, India, and Ireland 😉 Probably guns are rather like toys. When we were young and playing with toy … More Is Shooting Fun?