Students’ Shooting!

Welcome back dear friends from the US, Ireland, India, and Italy, Brazil, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, the UK, Iceland, and Russia 😉 Thank you for sharing your comments with us.

During a break at our office, a friend was talking about the shooting spree that is going on and is repeated randomly in different states at a number of schools.

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Over the radio or via the media channels, most discussions are focused on how to prepare teachers for defending  themselves or their students during the event of having sudden shooting, and that training should be taking place as if this is the right solution. But according to what you heard and what we heard from our friends, co-workers, neighbors, or others, that is not the preferred solution.

We can see their point as well as yours. The first co-worker said: “Why don’t they tell us about what is going on? It sounds like there is untold truth about that shooting, that is how I feel about it. Are we going into war? Is there an internal threat? Why don’t they explain to us openly?” That good person was in doubt about the news. He felt that there was a missing part.

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The second comment was by another male teacher: “They can protect students by having simpler methods such as having detection security device although it would look abnormal to see a check desk or a check point frame at the entrance of the school, but if this is a way to protect the school from being invaded by crazy people, why not?”.

The third female visitor said: “I think they’re wasting the time and the resources, and that nothing to serve the best interest of our students except the will try to find a way to grab more money out of the poor people. This will be the only real thing that will take place. Do you want to bet?!”

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You can share your opinion with us about this shooting and how to prevent it from happening again. We welcome your discussion or viewpoint!

Until we talk again, stick to our topics, it’s a real source of your inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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