Active Shooting!

Hidden treasures are everywhere around you; all you need is just to perceive them! Welcome back our friends and readers from the US, New Zealand, India, Oman, Hong Kong SAR China, & China 😉

Yesterday I attended a special course, never like any courses I attended before. It was called “Responding to an Active Shooter”!


The title was the reason for me to go and to listen to what it was about, in addition to other reasons. Although the whole course was based on assumptions that could rarely happen to you, but there was the possibility of .1% that it could!

If you like to be able to deal with the .1% possibility for any reason such as having a family or kids whom you care about and you like to know how to act in similar situations, I would recommend this course/seminar for you to attend.

The start was about stressing the fact that being in an active shooting situation could happen to you, and that it is best to be prepared for it. The first priority was your safety and the safety of your family or your companions. Then it came the decision on your part to what your best first safest course of action was.

More to come!

It’ll be few moments and we’llcontinue our talk, so stick around with our hugs and kisses

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