All Up to You!

You’re far away of being naïve! 😉 They never stop lying when it comes to money! ;)Thank you for coming back to our world friends from the US, India, Romania, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Brazil, and Italy 😉

How to know it’s unique? By examining it. Does it have an innovative approach? Would unique apply to innovative methods in stealing people? It depends. May be yes, or may be no if people do not defend their rights. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

This is exactly what is happening with all kinds of Apps or SophieDealswebsite  which conditioned you to accept their terms without even reading them. Then falling into their trap, it could be said that: “We’ve already provided you with info about these terms and you didn’t opt out or oppose to using your info.” Of course by using your info as a feedback to improve their product may include sending your pictures, your address, your phone number, your credit card number, you email address, etc.

They make deals out of the thin air but who is used here? It’s you!

You need to shout out, give me my money. Anyone who sold your info for a lot of money need to pay you back this money. Should just stand there watching others MadeInWashington.commaking fortunes out of your info and feel sorry for yourself? Or should you vocalize your objection out loud so that they would pay you part of that fortune, and not to do that again for you? OMG! It’s 87 Billions!

It’s all up to you!

Until we talk again, stick to our updated topics to get inspired with our hugs and kisses


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