Groups of lions are called “Prides” and groups of humans are called “People”! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, Brazil, India, Spain, the UK, and Italy 😉

Sometimes, it is so irritating to read that time was devoted to fight extinction of animals and endangered species, while no time is relatively given to people who die out of huger, out of cold weather having no shelter, or out of  indigence.

Ruben said that he felt sorry for killing other people in war. He said that he never want to be in the Army because he was anxious to be ordered to take the life of someone else.

People do not want war with any other country. Students think that no other Image result for no to warcountry wants war with us, it’s only fake media news that turn us against each other- inside and outside the US.

You, as a US citizen has lost a lot of your paid taxes towards paying for war. Billions and billions of dollars were spent in arming young people who died serving your country. You lose your relatives and your money at the same time under the logo of protecting out country. It happened in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. Enough!

It’s time to say “No” to war or violence coz both are like a plague destroy everything. New intention  has just started so better  cut down its roots now!

You need to enjoy your life. You deserve that much. Your life is too short to spend it in nonsense coz you’re not taking anything with you, when you depart this world. You are here only to help others: to do something good for yourself as well as for others: to live in peace: to have peace of mind!

Until we talk again, stay cool with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses

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