So long as there was a crack, the wall eventually would collapse! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary, Kyrgystan, and the UK 😉

Lisa said: “The News is always depressing! And if they try to give you some cheerful news, it’s mostly about dogs or cats, haha!”

SophieHemmyWell! Cats and dogs are a nice subject to talk about; especially, when they’re playing around each other, or when they make funny situations. I think there is a number of programs for cats and dogs. Dogs by far are higher than cats in the number of their shows or movies. Is this a bias? Haha! Just kidding.

Since dogs or cats are part of your life, it’s normal to talk about them. I remember MadeInWashington.comthat in Santa Maria there was a very nice park for dogs “Waller Park”, where it was divided into two parts. One part is for small dogs, and the other one was for big dogs. On weekends, you would find it busy with all kinds of dogs, and many times conversation took place among the owners of the dogs socializing and having a good time.

I used to go with my son taking his dog there for a walk, playing with that doggie toy. He was so full of energy, jumping up and down, running after other dogs, or staying away from others. It all depended on the other kind of dogs. If you’re thinking of getting your kid a dog, here‘s some recommendations.

Hemmy is a Terrier and he is so cute and so smart. My son trained him very well in a way that was amazing, he could almost do anything that is asked from him. It’s important to play with your dog since play gives him stimulation to the brain, build up your bond with him, and playing is enjoyable for your dog as it is for you.

Windy City NoveltiesThe only thing that I felt sorry for him was when he got some ear infection in his ears. We didn’t know how he picked it up, but the vet told us that he was going to be OK after using some antibiotic and ear drops for several days.

Though Terriers often seem to “blow off” their owners more often than other breeds, they do love their families and want to please them. Because of this,  …….. more.

Dogs need a good nutritional system to be able to defend any infection that they are exposed to. 

I would say if you have a dog, you’d be able to have some fun with your dog, which is a totally different experience from any other source of fun for you.

Until we chat more, keep having fun with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses.

. Train your dog.


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