Cats & Dogs!

You’re the active power now, and this is the best for all! 😉 Wow! Hello again dear friends from the US, the UK, Hungary, Russia, and Australia 😉

It was raining cats and dogs here! All good! We need the rain. How about you? Do you have a good weather condition or is it too cold or too hot at your end? Share your location weather with us if you like. We’re open for any sharing, comment, or question.

Yesterday, there was a local community competition between cats and dogs. Some neighbors decided to have some fun, and meeting at one of the parks, each one brought her/his pet and participated in that competition. Some were winners and others were losers, and as usual it was hard to have cats and dogs get along together. In spite of that it was so fun and everyone laughed. 😆 SophieDogsvsCats

After that there was a long debate around using cats and dogs in the lab to test some products.

Cats and dogs in animal testing have gathered a great deal of criticism, which is partly due to their place in society as beloved pets. It can be difficult for people to imagine a fluffy cat or dog suffering discomfort or pain, particularly in a sterile laboratory setting. Animal rights activists have also made a point to target the use of cats and dogs in research and there has been no shortage of threats made to researchers who use these animals for testing purposes. Despite the controversy, dogs and cats have numerous benefits for research and their use is widely supported within the scientific community and by most of the public, provided their use is on medical grounds rather than for the sales of cosmetics.

How to make your dog and cat be friends:

– Personality is more important when you select your dog and cat. Some dislike each other for no obvious reason. Try to test that before you buy them.
– Train your dog to accept the cat.
– Assign the cat its place before meeting with the dog.
– Have the dog well-trained on where his spot is going to be.
– Introduce the cat and the dog to each other after careful prep.
– Have the toys for each one separate.
– Try to have them eat together. 
– Take one step at a time. You don’t have to be in a hurry.



Until we talk again, continue your search among our topics to find your inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

. Cats or dogs.


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