1Zumba Snack!

Hey everyone, from everywhere, we are back again tonight, to say welcome again to our pages, and welcome to our world, dear readers from the US, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Greece, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, n Germany 😉

Body language is a language by itself. Non-verbal communication has been around now for a while, but not too many people know about it, coz it is mostly related with some professional fields, it is not something we chat about in our everyday chit-chat.


I can know a lot about you, when we talk to each other, face-to-face; there is a meaning for every move that you’re doing, whether you’re aware of it or not. But, and this is very important, sometimes, with different cultures, the movements could mean different things. For example, I remember that I was in a trip to a country in Asia, and to my surprise, the “No” head-shake move we use meant the opposite to them; it meant “Yes“, while the way we move our heads upside down, meaning “Yes” for them it meant “No”.Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely WholesaleHere we talk about English language, and non-verbal communication in an English speaking contexts, so not to be confused with other gestures in other cultures.

BerrylookWith life getting more complicated around us, we need to understand people more. For safety matters as well, it is good to glance abnormal or suspicious moves. One time, I was standing in the Bank of America in a line, and there came that  African American young man and stood right behind me. There were about 6 lines, and it was the day before the New Year’s Eve. The bank was so crowded. I never saw it like that packed with people in lines. As a matter of fact, I didn’t need anything from the cashier, but there was no attendant, usually there was one or two, who could take me to the manager.

So that young man, approached me smiling, and asked me if I was in line for long. I said not really. Then I knew that he would ask me something weird. I just knew it from the way he moved. His body language indicated that there was something going on inside him. He made a long introduction, and explained certain circumstances. A manager came by and saved me the rest of that hassle.

After I talked to her, for a couple of minutes, in my way out of the bank’s entrance passing by the main hall, I heard that young man repeating the same exact story, he had told me right before I went to that office with the manager. The look on the face of that lady he was talking to, was amazingly sympathizing having a big surprise reaction on her face. He was faking everything he was saying, but either she didn’t read him well, or she did, but she didn’t want to embarrass him. Who knows?! 😕

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I think it’s time for a snack, what do you think, 1Zumba friend? I’m thinking one apple,  one banana, or may be some carrots. All fresh! A glass of  cold mocha may be. It’s really summer time here today, and I’ve just had the most wonderful class of 1Zumba, so why not? I earned it, right?

Sweet dreams guys, I’ll talk to you later after my 1Zumba snack 😉Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale


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