1Zumba iin Bed With Who?!

Hello and welcome everyone to our great pages 🙂 Thank you for visiting us today, our current and new readers especially from the US, Sweden, Guatemala, Portugal, Brazil, Iceland 😉

Years ago, I worked in journalism, and I was after good stories. I, also, worked as a ghost writer, for a number of personalities, which came to me through my work as a journalist.

Dear 1Zumba friend, I’m waiting for your comments and emails, send some more pls. Remember that I am your friend, and that I need to hear your voice. Keep sending as many as you can. Keep reading my words, coz they are for you, and for you alone. What else should I say? I know that you’re smart, so never doubt it that I’m talking to you 

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GCGoing back to our story, my 1Zumba friend, I remember how excited I was when some well-known person call me, or leave me a message. For my naivety, I got so thrilled when that happened, thinking that they were appreciating my talent and skills in writing. But amid all of that enthusiasm, I wasn’t willing to do some hunky funky things to get some work.

Most of the time, those celebrities were nice to me, but some of them thought that they could take advantage of being on the top of the world, in their circle. Hey! But, no, for me it couldn’t be like that. “She likes that people deal with her brain, not with her underwear”, that was exactly the words, that were said from a man to his brother, where I was standing right there in the middle, in between both of them, speechless 😯

The brother, who drove me for almost two hrs  to that special palace, so I could take an assumed very special article, was shocked too, but he couldn’t say anything, except, “Let’s go to so & so, they have a small party tonight”, to which I answered: “I prefer to go to my room, it has been a long drive, and it’s too late for me to party.” I wanted out of that situation, and I needed time to think more about how to handle that man. The following day, we sat around a table where we were served breakfast, then, we talked about the article he wanted to be published, giving me certain points that he wanted to protrude in his words.  

I think this isn’t new, it happens all the time, or we hear about it all the time. The only difference is that, when you hear about it, it’s completely different from when it happens to you. There was no drama or hostility in that incident. We continued to be friends, and we never talked about ‘yesterday’ again. I think the way I handled that situation, was the main reason for our friendship to continue. I became very important to that man, especially when there was an issue, that needed a clear impartial mind.

One day, he called me, saying: “Sophie, the UN bla bla bla needs a fast report on bla bla bla, where are you, where shall I send the car to?” I was quite busy that day, but, as a friend, and not because he was paying for it, I said: “Ok, send it to so & so” That day I took with me a person, whom I introduced to him as the man I was going to marry, after we were done with the business part, in his office. His reaction was that he grabbed me towards him with both hands, hugged me tightly, and kissed me on the lips, saying congratulations, right in front of everybody else, who was present in that huge office that day. I was in a shock! 🙄

I got frozen in my spot, and there was a moment of silence among everyone else in the room. I didn’t react or do anything, I couldn’t think of pushing him or slabbing him on the face, or even shouting or saying “what are you doing?!”. That was the 2nd time in my life that something like that happened to me. I’m not sure why it happened. I don’t want to blame myself, saying that I was encouraging, or seducing, coz I actually did nothing of that sort at all. The kiss could have been an innocent one, if it didn’t last for that time. You know that kind of kiss, when you think you’re never gonna see that person again. The last-time-to-see kiss, that sort of thing. I think that, that what it was, and I’ve just figured out what it was, and what it meant.

Or it could have been, also, “I-have-to-give-up-on -you” kind of kiss! Of course, I would never know what he meant, by that kiss. I didn’t see him after that except in formal occasions, but we continued to be friends and to have our business relationship. I always try to build up long-term relationships when it comes to business. I succeeded in that, and it took from my personal life and my family life a lot to do that. I love people, and I tend to be forgiving, as my son says. 🙂

I am forgiving, when it is a trivial matter, coz life is too short to have enemies, but I am not when I’m deeply hurt. I can’t forgive pain, tears, and suffering. I can’t forgive lost of appetite, and not being able to sleep or work. Because I believe in good human beings, and that nobody is bad or cruel by nature, I tend to try to solve issues that people suffer from, help them be stronger, instead of being envious, and evil. But not everyone is having a good nature; some pretend to be good, but in heart, they are gloomy and manipulative. So my soft heart sometimes scares me 😆

Let’s say goodbye for now, until later on, we will talk again, with more interesting stories, and replies.  May be it’s ok to have 1Zumba in bed with you know who? 😉

Love you all guys, Oh! There is one more question today, from the 100 Question Competition, or we can have it later, in our next session. So here’s my kisses n love 😉




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