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Great to be back again and chat with all of you. Thank you dear friends and readers from everywhere, especially from the US, the UK, Italy, Israel, South Korea, Greece, Romania, Portugal, France, Belgium, Iceland, Argentina, Mexico, Switzerland, n  New Zealand 😉 You wouldn’t imagine how lucky I am to speak to everyone of you. 😉

Hello 1Zumba friend, I know you’re busy today, so am I, but still, you should continue to read every single day, coz reading is the only way that we would communicate better. Talking face-to face is good and clarifying, but reading the inner thoughts , and having the advantage of analyzing new segments of info is priceless. It’s totally different kind of enjoyment, right? 😉

Certainly, I would know if you’ve read or not; coz you always give me clues. I’m not telling you how, or which clues I am talking about, it’s not that hard to know, as you know 😉

comSo who are you better in dealing with: men, women, both, another gender, certain ages, certain communities or classes? Why are you successful more with men or women? Is there any personal element that interferes in your relationship with any gender? How to have more appeal for any gender? Are kids attracted to you? What does that mean? Do you feel relaxed when communicating with others,  timid, or what?

Communication with others is very complicated matter. It’s a whole science by itself. You can educate yourself in the areas that you mostly need. The resources are endless, you just need to ask. It’s the age of technology & internet after all 🙂

Oh, Question no. 8 is here, before I forget again, haha!:


Many of our ideas are built on things we hear from each other, or things that are stuck into our minds through a TV show, a movie, a play, a game, or other sources. Not all of these ideas are correct, some of them are just a stereotype, and we just do it, coz everyone else thinks that it is Ok to do it. We rarely examine our communication habits with each other, whether men or women.

Women communicate with other women on the basis of a set of rules, which is different from another set of rules that is kept for dealing with the opposite gender- masculin or others. Why do women do this? For many reasons. More

When I made a search on women to women issues, the default on google.com was to get me back to women to men, as if women are dealing only with men in our lives. It’s a programmed machine by men may be, haha!

Anyway, I tried as much as possible to give you few insights into the fact that women or females need to work harder on their communication skills with other females. They should overcome all the inherited stereotypes that automatically have them treat men differently, or with more courtesy. They have to appreciate each other more. They have to empower each other more. They have to be proud of each other more. Not all women, of course, there are females who are aware of this subject-matter, and are working on it. We still need to raise awareness about that. Appreciation. 

Males tend to appreciate women more, and tend to appreciate each other more. Why? Think about it!

eff comMy dear 1Zumba friend, Henry, I tried to touch many of the points you’ve mentioned in you message in our post today, and I hope that our links would be helpful to you. Pls keep in touch, and keep sending your comments and questions. It is enjoyable to hear from each one of you.

In 1Zumba world, good communication is a key element, similar to effective queuing in Zumba. Stay cool, until we chat some more, I hope, about something funny & fun 😉

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