7 Don’ts If Interviewed

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7 things you should not be saying in your interview, according to Mary, an HR recruiter, who was the speaker in a  seminar recently held in Berkeley, CA.

She suggested that when you are in an interview, do not say to the recruiter the following:

Image result for during interview. I will take less than anyone else you’d hire: this phrase is so empty of pride or dignity.

. I will do anything you want, just give me a chance: it reflects how desperate you are, and for good companies, this will be a no no and will diminish your chances.

. Pls help me, I’m begging you to hire me. Not the right approach at all. Horrible to use this way thinking that you’re persuading the interviewer by this approach.

Image result for during interview. I was the best one in my previous job, but my boss & I were never on good terms.

. They never appreciated my work in my previous job. I was underestimated all the time.

. It was tough to make friends with anyone and I quit for that reason.

. When you’re asked what’s your weakness, do not mention any negative quality; on the contrary, use something you’re good at, and turn it to a sweet thing about you, or your performance at work.

The questions that are usually asked may include: 

Image result for during interview cartoon. Why should we hire you? . Why our company? . Why did you leave your previous job? Do you accept working during weekends? . What makes you interested in working in our company? . What are your weaknesses/strengths? . Talk about yourself. In a situation where a customer was unhappy, what did you do? Bla Bla Bla.

All the questions are a repetition, nothing new. Most of the questions that are required to be answered in an interview is kind of general chatting, unless you’re applying for some technical specialty type of work.

Well, if you know what you wrote in your resume, and you were true about it, and you have at least one example for each sentence you use, it will be fine, and you’ll get the job!

Love, kisses & hugs ❤

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